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Saturday, March 28, 2020
DISTANCE LEARNING what you should know

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic threat, lectures, classes and consultations for undergraduate students, doctoral and graduate students as well as other forms of education, excluding classes which are conducted online, are suspended until further notice. From 16 March, some classes and lectures at the Silesian University of Technology take place over the Internet. Preparations are underway to launch distance learning in other subjects.

The basic organizational issues of conducting online classes at a distance are set out in the “Rector’s Resolution on the introduction of rules for the implementation of lectures and other classes at the Silesian University of Technology in crisis situations related to preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The rules have been adapted to the specific character of classes such as: lectures, workshops, project classes, language classes, laboratory classes, physical education or seminars.



The didactic materials provided by a teacher in an electronic form will be secured. A username and a password need to be provided. It requires logging into the Distance Learning Platform. Verification and assessment of learning outcomes will vary depending on the type of classes:

a) As far as lectures are concerned, all arrangements set out in the subject card remain in force. It is possible to adapt the method of getting a lecture completion test to remote work conditions - however this requires prior arrangement with a representative of a student group and informing the director of the College of Studies via email.

b) Teachers conducting workshops, project and language classes agree with their students how to verify and evaluate partial learning effects. Documentation confirming compliance with the arrangements contained in the subject card is stored by a teacher.

c) The decision on the form of conducting seminars and on the way the learning outcomes are documented is made by  mutual arrangements between a teacher conducting classes and a teacher conducting a subject. 



Workshops taking place in laboratories as well as physical education classes are suspended for the duration of the Resolution (until further notice). They are obligatory to be made up for after the traditional way of studying is restored. The deadline for the completion of laboratory classes falls on the last day of the semester (thus the time to make up for missed classes cannot exceed this date).



In the current situation, if it is not possible to complete the planned apprenticeship, you can obtain another deadline for its completion (having obtained the consent of the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Student Affairs and the consent of the apprenticeship supervisor). In the case of the diploma apprenticeship, which cannot be delayed, the Rector's Plenipotentiary for Student Affairs and the apprenticeship supervisor may suggest another way of completing this form of activity.


COURSE COMPLETION TESTS I EXAMINATIONS (including diploma examinations)

Examinations summarizing the learning outcomes of individual subjects can be conducted using IT technologies; in the case of diploma examinations this is the only form which applies until further notice. However, it needs to be stressed that examinations carried out in a remote way causes the need to control them, register and check students’ identity. During diploma examinations, software will be used to maintain synchronous interaction between the Graduate and the Committee.

On behalf of students dates of course completion tests and examinations are agreed by the representative of every student group.  These dates depend on the pace of material implementation - examinations can take place at any time during the semester. Detailed information will be provided on individual faculty websites.

We remind you that you need to be active on the Distance Learning Platform to successfully complete the course. It should be treated as a form of study equal to traditional methods of education.


These classes are conducted at the Silesian University of Technology via Distance Learning Platform. Lists of subjects conducted remotely are published on every faculty website. In order to successfully compete the course, it is a prerequisite to have an e-learning account on the Platform and to use it.

The Distance Learning Centre of the Silesian University of Technology is the operator and the administrator of the Distance Learning Platform, through which the education in the so-called distance mode is conducted. The Centre provides a dedicated IT system designed to support and conduct classes using distance learning methods and techniques. For the lecturers a dedicated template for preparing educational materials and a dedicated software for preparing didactic and educational materials used in distance learning have been prepared.

Both students and teachers may use support offered by the Distance Learning  Centre, including:

- technical support and training in distance learning,

- popularizing modern methods of distance learning,

- use of the HelpDesk system providing help and technical support for users of the Distance Learning Platform.

The University makes every effort to ensure that arranging distance learning runs smoothly. Monitoring of the system operation is carried out to ensure that the information transfer is correct and uninterrupted.


The Silesian University of Technology has introduced the possibility of remote work .

We urge you to limit direct contacts to the necessary minimum to prevent the spread of the virus. The main communication channels are telephones and e-mails. Employees who look after their relatives, e.g. children or seniors, have the opportunity to work remotely.

We remind you that at least until 30 April 2020 the following academic activities have been suspended or cancelled:

Open events (conferences, symposia, lectures, including Junior and Senior of SUT classes, artistic performances and other meetings of this type, organised by the Silesian University of Technology). International business trips and participation in domestic conferences by the employees, doctoral students, visits of international guests to the Silesian University of Technology as well as accommodation of new people in student dormitories and in other SUT facilities are suspended.

On the following website

we provide current information on the functioning of the University during the period of increased prevention related to the spread of coronavirus. Members of the academic community may become familiar with important announcements of the Silesian University of Technology, preventive recommendations and GIS (General Sanitary Inspectorate) announcements.


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