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The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) was established in 1945 as the scientific and didactic base of Upper Silesia, the most industrialized region in Poland and one of the most in Europe. Its rich, 70-year-old tradition makes it the oldest university in Upper Silesia and one of the oldest in the country.

The inauguration ceremony of the first academic year was held in Gliwice on October 29, 1945. At the time there were 2,750 students. Didactic curricula and plans were based on the standards from Lvov Technical University. The academic staff of the SUT comprised almost solely of the former academics from Lvov.

In 1945 there were four faculties with almost 200 academic teachers.
- Faculty of Chemistry,
- Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
- Faculty of Civil Engineering
The excellent teaching staff were one of the strongest assets of the university  from the very beginning.


In 2015, the university celebrated its 70th anniversary.

In 2017, there are over 20,000 students and almost 600 PhD students, 15 Faculties including 1 college and 1 research institute with 20 support units that enable interdisciplinary work and bring innovative and collaborative approaches to the SUT’s research and teaching.
The Silesian University of Technology is located in the center part of the Upper-Silesia province, not far from Europe’s well-known capitals like Prague, Berlin and Vienna, which makes SUT a perfect place to meet people from all around the world to share experience and exchange ideas.

The main strength of the University is  a wide range of courses and the outstanding quality of training it provides. SUT has invariably been the top of Polish technical universities and it has ranked high in national higher education rankings. Almost 10 percent of top-managers in Poland graduated from SUT. Recently, we have also ranked 4th among higher education schools whose graduates are most sought after by employers.

In addition to teaching and research activities, the Silesian University of Technology has become an important business partner to respond to the challenges of a knowledge-based economy. SUT is a key player in the fields of new technologies and innovations. New ideas and solutions, brought to life at the University, are important factors that help boosting the competitiveness of Polish companies.

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