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Monday, July 15, 2019
Another success of students from the Silesian University of Technology

Students  from PolSl Racing student association at the Silesian University of Technology won the first place in one of the disciplines at the prestigious Formula Students Netherlands 2019 competition.

The vehicle constructed by members of this scientific association proved to be the best in the Acceleration competition. It has the best acceleration among all the internal combustion formula racecars submitted for the competition.

The winning racecar is the Quarado - a significantly improved and lighter version of the previous racecar SW-01, designed primarily to improve the performance of the vehicle. This was achieved by reducing its mass, but also by modifying the drive unit and chassis.

The PolSl Racing student association operates at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Currently, the team consists of 45 students. They are enthusiasts coming from almost all faculties of the Silesian University of Technology. The student association deals with the construction of prototype vehicles with internal combustion and electric drive. They represent the Silesian University of Technology at prestigious competitions, exhibitions or popular science events.

Formula Students Netherlands is an annual international event, attended by students who design and build racing vehicles. The Acceleration competition is based on the fastest 75 meter distance coverage by a car, accelerating from the starting line from 0 km/h.

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