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List of faculties and units in alphabetical order

Academic Guard

Administration of University Campus (website in Polish)


Auditor and Internal Control Office

Biomedical Engineering Centre (website in Polish)

Biotechnology Centre

Centre for Advanced Security and Defence Technologies (website in Polish)

Centre for  Incubation and Technology Transfer (website in Polish)

Centre for New Technologies (website in Polish)

Civil Aviation Personnel Education Centre for Central and Eastern Europe (website in Polish)

Conference and Training Center "Cis"  in Szczyrk (website in Polish)

Continuing Education Centre – a branch in Rybnik (website in Polish)

Communications Office (website in Polish)

Computers Centre (website in Polish)

Controlling Office

Cost Office

Cybersecurity Center

Data  Protection Officer

Defence Office (website in Polish)

Development Office

Distance Learning Centre

Doctoral School

Doctoral Student Government (website in Polish)

Education and Congress Centre (website in Polish)

Faculty of Architecture (website in Polish)

Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science (website in Polish)  

Faculty of Civil Engineering 

Faculty of Chemistry 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation (website in Polish)

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering (website in Polish)

Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering (website in Polish)

 Faculty of Materials Engineering 

Faculty of Applied Mathematics (website in Polish)

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 

Faculty of Organization and Management (website in Polish)

Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering

Financial Office

Foreing Languages Centre

Health and Safety Inspectorate (website in Polish)

Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity” (website in Polish)

Information Protection Office

Institute of Education and Communication Research (website in Polish)

Institute of Physics - Centre for Science and Education

International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research 

International Relations Office

Inventory Office

IT Centre (website in Polish)

„KROPKA” Kids Club (website in Polish)

Legal Service Office

Library of the Silesian University of Technology (website in Polish)

Main Accounting Office

„MROWISKO” Students’ Culture Centre (website in Polish)

Museum of Geology

Museum of Technology (website in Polish)

Patent Attorney Office (website in Polish)

Plenipotentiary for the Protection of Classified Information

Polish Teachers’ Union (website in Polish)

Press Office

Project Management Centre

Promotion and Communication Centre

Prosumer Energy Centre (website in Polish)

Public Procurement and Supply Office (website in Polish)

Real Estate Office (website in Polish)

Recreation Center in Jastrzębia Góra (website in Polish) 

Rector's Office

Research Office (website in Polish)

Science Popularization Centre (website in Polish)

Shared Business Services Office

Silesian Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development (website in Polish)

Silesian University of Technology Alumni Association (website in Polish)

Silesian University of Technology Press (website in polish)

Social Affairs Office (website in Polish)

Sports Centre (website in Polish)

Student Career Office

Student Government of the Silesian University of Technology (website in Polish)

Studies Service Centre

SUT Academic Sports Association (website in Polish)

SUT Computer Centre (website in Polish)

SUT Staff Club (website in Polish)

Technical and Investment Office (website in Polish)

Technical Emergency Group

Technopark Gliwice

The Academic Choir of the Silesian University of Technology (website in Polish)

University Legislation and Organization Office

University Medical Centre (website in Polish)

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