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What do you learn from studying mining and geology?

You learn about the many facets that make up the extremely rich and multi-faceted discipline of mining and geology


Field of study : Mining and Geology (study in English)

MSc study


Students acquire general knowledge of technical subjects, information technologies as well as specialized technical and social subjects. They obtain practical skills needed in their chosen career path. Graduates are able to design, implement and supervise mining, geological and geotechnical works, including mechanization, power supply, computerization while limiting adverse impact on the environment.
The education comprises developing team work and leadership qualities that equip the graduate with professional qualifications, enabling them to work in various mining plants and enterprises. The graduate is able to solve engineering problems using modern technologies and computer techniques, is also prepared to participating in workgroups and managing a team of employees.

Career opportunities

The graduate is prepared to pursue a career in enterprises extracting internationally traded raw materials (coal, ores, salt, sulfur, etc.) and raw materials of local importance (stone, gravel, sand, limestone etc.).
They can apply for employment in the following fields:
• underground coal mines,
• opencast mines,
• ore mines and other,
• specialised service companies working for mining,
• mining waste utilisation companies,
• civil and water construction companies utilising mining techniques,
• research centres and design offices in the field of mining and geology,
• mining authority.

Course description cards: https://platforma.polsl.pl/rg/course/


Ist semester

IIIrd semester


Admission Office, phone +48 32 237 16 90, study@polsl.pl

Studies service center:  BOSG2@polsl.pl,

Office manager:

Ms. Magdalena Bujara , phone +48322372304  magadalena.bujara@polsl.pl,

The rector's representative at the faculty:

Violetta Sokoła-Szewioła, prof. SUT, PhD, DSc (Eng); violetta.sokola-szewiola@polsl.pl, phone +48322371442

Academic calendar:

Winter semester:

Lectures: 01.10.2020 – 28.01.2021

winter holidays: 23.12.2020 – 03.01.2021

Exams session: 29.01.2021 – 14.02.2021

Retake exam session: 22.02.2021 – 28.02.2021

Mid-semester break: 15.02.2021 - 21.02.2021

Deadline for attestation: 28.02.2021

Summer semester:

Lectures: 1.03.2021 – 27.06.2021

Spring holidays: 1.04.2021 – 6.04.2021

Exams sessions: 28.06.2021 – 11.07.2021

Summer holidays break, including practical placements: 12.07.2021 – 05.09.2021

Retake exam session: 6.09.2021 – 19.09.2021

Mid-semester break: 20.09.2021 - 30.09.2021

Deadline for attestation: 30.09.2021

Public and University holidays:

02.10.2020 - Official inauguration of the academic year

01.11.2020 – All Saints Day

11.11.2020 – Independence Day

06.01.2021 – Epiphany (Twelfth Day)

01.05.2021 – Labour Day

03.05.2021 – Constitution Day

04.05.2021 - Rector's Day

12.05.2021 – Sport’s Day

14.05.2021 – Juvenalia, also well-known as IGRY (Student’s Festival)

23.05.2021 - Pentecost

03.06.2021 – Corpus Christi

04.06.2021 - Rector's Day

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