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Academic exchange

Faculty Coordinator for International Academic Exchange

Szymon Dawczyński

44-101 Gliwice,
ul. Akademicka 5
mail: rb.erasmus@polsl.pl

Information about the program

The Erasmus Plus program supports the international cooperation of universities, enables students to travel abroad for part of the studies and internships, promotes the mobility of university employees, creates numerous opportunities for universities to participate in projects together with foreign partners.

Poland has been participating in the Erasmus program since 1998/99. In the years 1995–2006 Erasmus was part of the Community Socrates program, and since the academic year 2007/2008 it has been part of the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP), the aim of which is primarily to increase the quality and attractiveness of education and facilitating international cooperation and exchanges in the field of education. The Silesian University of Technology has been participating in the LLP / Erasmus program since the 1998/99 academic year.

The rules for the exchange of students, participants of doctoral studies and employees under the Erasmus Plus program implemented at the Silesian University of Technology in 2014-2015 are specified in the letter ( read )

Forms of international cooperation:

  • student exchange (SM Student Mobility) - includes mobility for studies (SMS) and internships (SMP),
  • exchange of teaching staff (TSM / STA Teacher Mobility / Teaching Assignment) - trips of lecturers with a series of lectures to partner universities and the admission of lecturers from such universities, arrival of employees of foreign enterprises at the invitation of the University to conduct didactic classes for students,
  • staff training trips (STT Staff Trainings) - staff trips for training purposes,
  • implementation of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS),
  • joint Projects for the development of European study programs and modules (Multilateral Projects),
  • organization of Intensive Courses / Summer Schools (IP Intensive Programs) for an international group of students, conducted by an international group of lecturers,
  • participation in Erasmus Thematic Networks.

EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey participate in the program.

Erasmus University Charter number awarded to the SUT: 47918
The Erasmus University code assigned to the SUT: PL GLIWICE01

Other exchange options

Apart from the Erasmus program, students and employees of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology can take part in an exchange within other academic exchange programs, eg FSS and Erasmus Mundus.

In addition, it has signed student exchange agreements with the following universities from outside the European Union:

  1. Hanbat National University, Daejeon, South Korea
  2. Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea
  3. Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico
  4. PUC Minas Gerais, Brazil
  5. LN Gumilyov Eurasian National University, Kazakhstan

Students of SE (studies in English) and BA (CKI) specializations also have the option of pursuing a double degree at VIA Horsens in Denmark.

For details related to these possibilities, interested are asked to contact the Faculty Coordinator of Academic Exchange.

Coordination of the Erasmus program at the Silesian University of Technology:

  • Vice-Rector for International Cooperation:
    – prof. dr hab. inż. Ryszard Białecki
  • Head of the Academic Cooperation Office / University Coordinator:
    – Joanna Denkowska

The seat of the International Academic Exchange Office:

Silesian University of Technology, Akademicka 2a, 44-100 Gliwice
(building of the Faculty of Mining and Geology)
phone: 0-32 237-1329, fax: 0-32 231-8085

Principles of program implementation

Required documents

Information for the student

Information for the employee

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