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POB6.7 Problems of degradation and revitalization of areas  

Prof. Hanna Barchańska RCh, Prof. Krzysztof Rostański RAr
Ph.: +48 32 237 1027
Ph.: +48 32 237 2441

It is also worth mentioning the participation of scientists from the Silesian University of Technology in the implementation of the reclamation of post-industrial areas, including the revitalization of post-industrial architecture, coal and post-zinc spoil heaps, with the selection of appropriate technologies, social participation and environmental and historical education systems supported by online platforms, educational path boards and other infrastructure for outdoor education. 

Water reservoirs contaminated with heavy metal compounds and residues of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other organic compounds also require recultivation. One of the commonly used methods of water purification from this type of pollution is phytoremediation. Pesticides, as well as other compounds mentioned above, undergo numerous, both biotic and abiotic, transformations in the environment. As a result of these processes, degradation products claimed as more dangerous for the environment than parent compounds, are formed. Therefore, phytoremediation focused on effective removal of the parent compounds is an insufficient approach. Therefore, scientists of the Silesian University of Technology have undertaken research aimed at the development of phytoremediation conditions for the removal of both anthropogenic organic pollutants and their degradation products from water.

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