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Cele programu IDUB

Programme objectives

Main objectives

Increasing recognition and visibility of the SUT, building the prestige of the University in the group of world-class universities and improving the position in renowned international rankings.

Conducting high-quality scientific research and implementation of innovations to improve the living and health conditions of people as well as economic development.

Ensuring high-quality education at the undergraduate and masters levels and at the doctoral school, based on research and innovation.

Supporting the scientific development of employees and PhD students.

Increasing internationalization of science and education.

Detailed objectives


I. Specific objectives for increasing the impact of the university’s research activity on the development of world science, especially in priority research areas with high development potential, in which the university plans to intensify its research activity.

  • Ensuring the sustainable development of basic and applied research
  • Selecting and supporting research breakthroughs
  • Stimulating R&D activity
  • Increasing the number of TOP1 and TOP10 publications and the number of citations
  • Employing prominent experienced scientists and prominent young postdoctoral
  • Inviting Nobel Prize winners to inspire research, motivate scientists and develop collaboration with the best centres
  • Increasing the number of granted patents
  • Enhancing technology transfer and activities of the university special purpose company
  • Increasing the number competitive and collaborative projects in POBs
  • Increasing the number of Horizon type projects in particular, obtaining ERC projects
  • Increasing the University's revenue due to its potential and R&D projects in POBs
  • Employing prominent researchers and increasing the number of visiting professors with significant scientific achievements
  • Creating the Supercomputing Centre, following the example of the centre in Barcelona, providing for scientific and industrial units in the entire region an adequate computing power and scientific staff in the field of data processing and artificial intelligence.
  • Providing the key laboratories in POBs with a world-class unique apparatus, which will encourage the collaboration of prominent foreign scientists and industry
  • Coordination of activity for each POB in the form of research centres or institutes
  • Increasing (by 20% a year) the number of JCR publications in collaboration with foreign institutions and with the industry - quality-enhancing programme

II. Specific objectives for enhancing research collaboration with research institutions of high international reputation, especially in priority research areas.

  • Active participation in international associations of universities, collaboration networks and scientific societies
  • Establishing a network with foreign research universities and acting as a bridge between universities in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe
  • Increasing the percentage of scientific publications in collaboration with the best research institutions
  • Acting as a leader of a consortium or a partner in international projects, especially Horizon and ERC
  • Increase in the number of scientific internships, in particular long-term internships, in the best foreign institutions
  • Increasing the mobility of employees and doctoral students in order to establish collaboration and undertake research with leading research institutions
  • Increasing the percentage of double doctorates conducted together with research universities
  • Increasing the number of prestigious, international congresses and scientific meetings, organized at the University in order to increase the visibility of employees and the University itself as well as to present the University's potential
  • Using all possibilities followed from approximately 250 international collaboration agreements already concluded with specific universities and industrial partners
  • Changing the practice of concluding agreements from general letters of intent into agreements containing detailed tasks together with the schedule for their implementation
  • Promoting the University, its offer and achievements in the international environment
  • Taking the best practices from other leading research universities

III. Specific objectives for improving quality of education provision for students and doctoral training, especially in fields of study and disciplines of science related to priority research areas, taking into account the need to include students and doctoral candidates in research activities and the need to compete effectively for the most talented applicants, including foreign ones, to study programmes and to doctoral schools. The objectives should also take into account implementation of a talent management system

  • Introducing problem-based learning throughout the University
  • Introducing project-based learning throughout the University
  • Introducing the Oxford method of teaching fundamental subjects
  • Introducing the Harvard interactive method
  • Enhancing dual education in collaboration with employers
  • Acquiring the best candidates for students
  • Strengthening student scientific movement
  • Establishing and maintaining by students the Centre of Creativity
  • Enhancing academic entrepreneurship
  • Development of internationalization of education
  • Performing the role of a leader in the region in the field of doctoral education
  • Significant increase in the effectiveness of doctoral students' education
  • Acquiring prominent doctoral students
  • Increasing the internationalisation of doctoral students' education
  • Involvement of the industry in doctoral students' education

IV. Specific objectives for devising and implementing comprehensive solutions for the professional development of the university’s staff, especially young scientists, in the meaning of Article 360(2) of the Law of 20 July 2018 on Higher Education and Science.

  • Enabling the selection of the best professional development path for an employee and the University
  • Supporting the most active individuals
  • Identifying at the University and providing care and special support to scientific leaders
  • Increasing number of employees involved in competitive and collaborative projects
  • Increasing the ability to acquire competitive and collaborative projects, in particular concerning POBs, and building competence in their implementation
  • Obtaining Horizon type projects, in particular ERC
  • Strengthening academic entrepreneurship
  • Exposition of employees' achievements
  • Increasing the number of visiting professors and employment of prominent individuals in order to build research teams at the University and apply for prestigious international projects
  • Accelerating the development of scientific career and increasing the number of people with habilitation and professorship
  • Preparing young scientists with high research potential
  • Supporting professional development in collaboration with the industry
  • Improving support from the University administration

V. Specific objectives for improving quality of university governance and management, including qualityenhancing organisational changes.

  • Implementing a two-level structure in basic units to facilitate scientific collaboration
  • Simplifying administrative and financial services in the field of research and education.
  • Empowering collaboration due to research centres, original at least on a national scale, with unique competencies and international character, acting in collaboration with leading national and international centres
  • Increasing support from central administration and relieving scientists from organizational work in the implementation of large projects and technology transfer
  • Introducing modern rules of communication at the University and exposing achievements and potential to establish internal and external collaboration
  • Enabling the selection of the best professional development path for an employee and the University
  • Consolidation of competences and infrastructure among units
  • Developing technology transfer mechanisms and university special purpose company
  • Detailed regular monitoring and analysis of achievements in disciplines and employees' achievements in order to identify and provide with a dedicated support
  • Increasing employees' activity
  • Capital consolidation - continue the discussion with selected universities and institutes in the region of Silesia regarding the establishment of a federation, and also discussion with foreign universities regarding the establishment of an international research universities network.
  • Investing in human resources
  • Making the education system more flexible

VI. Other specific objectives to raise the international significance of the university’s activities.

  • Improvement of University's recognition in national and international rankings
  • Acquiring the most prestigious international accreditations a selection of the fields of study with the highest potential
  • Strengthening the image of the SUT as a research university, a centre of competence and a reliable partner for collaboration in the field of innovative research implementation, analyses and expertise
  • Increasing activity of faculties in the area of internationalization
  • Integration of scientists around POBs, intensification of collaboration, displaying achievements and gaining partners
  • Establishing schools or education colleges with foreign partners
  • Increasing the University's recognition in international scientific repositories
  • Increasing the number of prestigious international projects
  • Organising prestigious international events at the University
  • Integration with ERC grants teams
  • Implementation and further development of internationalisation at home

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