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Plan działań - działania instytucjonalne

Institution upgrade

Task 1: Analysis of a possibility to establish a federation

  • commissioning and conducting benchmarking analyses,
  • establishing teams in individual disciplines and verifying research cooperation with partners,
  • establishing a federation in case of legitimate benefits for the partners.

Expected financing: PLN 3,200,000 (IDUB)


Task 2: Establishment and initiation of an international research universities network

  • commencement of cooperation in the organization of teaching, as well as conducting joint research and the use of infrastructure

Expected financing: PLN 2,500,000 (IDUB)


Task 3: Establishment of strategic partnerships

  • concluding agreements with universities and partners from the socio-economic environment,
  • implementation of good practices and conducting R&D works

Expected financing: PLN 700,000 (IDUB)


Task 15: Coordination of science and research apparatus management

  • equipping with unique apparatus,
  • promoting accreditation

Expected financing: PLN 600,000,00 (IDUB)


Task 19: Coordination of activities in priority research areas

  • appointment of a scientific council and POB coordinators,
  • appointment of an international advisory board,
  • development of research centers with unique competences

Expected financing: PLN 2,000,000 (IDUB) + PLN 120,000


Task 26: Running academic high schools and supporting other leading high schools

  • running two academic high schools
  • taking patronage over the leading high school
  • ensuring integration with students

Expected financing: PLN 3,200,000 (IDUB) + PLN 735,000


Total funding of institutional activities: PLN 13,175,000

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