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Climate and environmental protection, modern energy

6. Priority Research Area


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Discussion topics. POB6. Will farmers robots help fight climate change and improve the jobs?

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-07-21 11:15:50
2021-07-21 11:22:46

Interesting links. POB 6. " Retain, Restore, and Grow Sustainable Industries." Notes on the revitalization of cities with varying degrees of industrialization in the United States.

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-07-13 12:08:40
2021-07-13 12:11:15

Seminar. POB6.11. Strategy for sustainable development of energy and gas energy.

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-06-29 13:37:55
2021-06-29 13:41:17

POB6. Interesting websites. EU Commission. Architecture is a discipline that encompasses the right balance between […] environmental and technical aspects for the common good

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-06-25 09:07:14
2021-06-25 09:14:35
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Research area news

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1st International Conference "Priority Research Areas of the Silesian University of Technology - problems and challenges"

Research sub-areas

POB6.1 Climate and environmental changes and reduction of air pollution

POB6.2 Water and wastewater management and environmental biotechnology

POB6.3 Circular economy

POB6.4 Renewable and alternative energy sources and prosumer energy

POB6.5 Innovative technologies and sustainable development

POB6.6 Education for sustainable development and shaping environmental awareness

POB6.7 Problems of degradation and revitalization of areas

POB6.8 Energy efficiency and energy management

POB6.9 Energy storage and hydrogen energy

POB6.10 Shaping the internal environment and intelligent buildings

POB6.11 Strategy for sustainable development of energy and gas energy

Researchers’ Achievements

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POB6. 1st and 2nd place for scientists from the Department of Water and Wastewater Engineering

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-07-02 08:36:24
2021-07-02 08:38:59

Scientists' success in the field of POB6. at the 14th edition of the INTARG® 2021 International Invention and Innovation Fair

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-07-02 07:58:33
2021-07-02 08:01:28
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The Department of Thermal Technology (SUoT) co-realizes the Phy2Climate project

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-04-29 09:55:44
2021-05-20 08:13:14

Research and development cooperation of the Silesian University of Technology with KENO Sp. z o.o.

Krzysztof Tomiczek
2021-04-07 13:29:52
2021-04-07 13:32:29
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Drones in climate protection

14C laboratory and mass spectrometry

Student and doctoral research groups

Space architecture

Laboratory of Electron Spectroscopy and Functional Materials


1st Reporting Conference of Research Universities

Center for Climate and Environment Protection

Cooperation between the Silesian University of Technology and the State Water Management

1st competition for financing the projects of Student Research Clubs

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