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The Foreign Languages Centre and the Institute od Education and Communication Research of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice invite all the interested to take part in the Summer Course of Polish for Foreigners. The course is for adult learners at different levels A1, A2, B1and B2 (as defined by Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) as well as for students of the SUT who would like to improve their knowledge of Polish.

The course aims not only at getting to know Polish but also exploring history and the most important historical sights of Upper Silesia.


1. 80 classes of intensive Polish (1 class=45 minutes), including:

  • communication skills
  • vocabulary and grammar
  • reading, listening and writing
  • cultural education-classes and lectures connected with Polish geography, history,culture, arts and politics

2.Cultural events:

  • excursions to interesting sights of the region – Kraków (Cracow) and Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska
  • museums and coal-mines on Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian region
  • concerts, exhibitions and other events , according to the offer available

After completing the course, the participants will be given the certificate of attendance.


  • classes
  • accommodation and board at the University campus,
  • teaching materials
  • two gala dinners

We do not cover the cost of the individual insurance of the participant.

Send your application form or any enquires to:

mgr Ewa Mężyk ewa.mezyk@polsl.pl

The detailed programme will be available on the website.

We warmly invite you!

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