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Dear All,

The Foreign Languages Centre of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice has the honor and pleasure to invite you to the XII Scientific and Didactic Conference "Languages of the Future - the Future of Foreign Languages". The conference will be held on 20-21.10.2023 in Gliwice - an Upper Silesian academic city with a rich multicultural history.

After years of enforced social distance, we are happy to prepare a conference which allows active participation in the event and promotes the establishment and consolidation of contacts, debates and exchange of experiences.  We invite academics, educators, linguists, teaching and learning specialists, and - in the context of interdisciplinary education - representatives of other scientific fields to participate in the conference.

We hope that our conference will become, like the previous ones, a meeting place for professionals and personalities, as well as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and impulses for effective and friendly educational practice.

The experience of the pandemic period together with economic, social and political processes constantly shape the picture of current needs and challenges - also in the field of language education. New phenomena, threats and opportunities are emerging.

We therefore invite you to present your own projects, scientific and teaching activities. Being convinced that foreign languages help build new identities and bridges of understanding on many levels, we will be glad to see you at the conference.

We invite you to Gliwice!

We put the following thematic issues at the center of our interest:

- Education 4.0 - academic and professional contexts of language learning

 - Teaching instruments, media, interdisciplinary and international projects

 - Language education for people with special needs

 - Towards experience: from the company to the city and the park to the museum - opportunities and areas of practical language learning

- Is the English language enough? The language needs and competencies of tomorrow

 - On the way to balance: work-life-balance - criteria, tools and goals

A monograph is planned to be published after the conference.

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