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During the last three decades we are witnessing a radical change as the medical information systems have been integrated in order to address the core of medicine, including patient care in ambulatory and in-patient setting, computer assisted diagnosis and treatment, telemedicine, and home care. This will continue in the years to come. Our previous meetings and collaboration with medical centers have shown a requirement for a platform, that can integrate researches and technologists whose afford focuses on bridging the gap between modern information technologies and clinical medicine. The Conference is an interdisciplinary meeting that has both a theoretical and applied dimension. There is a need for a broad overview of this entire field. Contributors from research centers and industry are welcome to present their original results at scientific sessions, posters, exhibits and unofficial meetings.

The call for papers is to solicit submissions for the oral and poster sessions which are designed to be highly interactive.

Full papers (8 or 10 or 12 pages) containing preliminary results may be submitted.

Full papers will be published as a book chapter by Springer Nature in the series: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

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