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Author: Katarzyna Krukiewicz Published at: 08.12.2021 Last update: 08.12.2021

ITIB2022 Conference

International Conference Information Technology in Biomedicine ITIB2022

During the last decades, we are witnessing a radical change as the medical information systems have been integrated in order to address the core of medicine, including patient care in ambulatory and in-patient setting, computer-assisted diagnosis and treatment, telemedicine, and home care. This will continue in the years to come. Our previous meetings and collaboration with medical centers have shown a requirement for a platform, that can integrate researchers and technologists whose efforts focuses on bridging the gap between modern information technologies and clinical medicine. The conference is an interdisciplinary meeting that has both a theoretical and applied dimension. There is a need for a broad overview of this entire field. Contributors from research centers and industries are welcome to present their original results at scientific sessions, posters, exhibits, and unofficial meetings.

Special Session: POB1 Computational Oncology and Personalized Medicine

The dynamic industrial development that began in the 20th century and the change in the age structure of the society brought a large increase in the incidence of so-called civilization diseases, currently responsible for over 80% of deaths. Integration of technical sciences with medicine and biology has in recent years contributed to a significant improvement in both diagnostics, planning, and monitoring of the effects of therapy and the emergence of new research platforms allowing for an even greater understanding of the causes and evolution of diseases.
The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) participates in the national program Excellence Initiative Research University. As part of this program, scientists from the SUT in cooperation with polish as well as foreign research centers carried out scientific research within the Priority Research Area - POB1 Computational Oncology and Personalized Medicine. The scientific research carried out within the POB1 are focused on the following research areas: computational oncology, personalized medicine, biomaterials and medical biotechnology, imaging informatics and telemedicine, biomechanics, drug analysis, and design, public health.

ITIB Conference

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Ask the Editor: Prof. Marek Łos


CB Seminar: Dr Gracjan Michlewski


POB1 seminar: Prof. Małgorzata Szczerska


EV proteomics and melanoma progression


COPM2021 Conference


CB Seminar: Dr Grzegorz Sumara


POB1 seminar: Prof. Theresa L. Whiteside


CB Seminar: Dr Aleksandra Pękowska


ENTHRAL Summer School on vascular bioengineering


POB Seminar: dr hab. Piotr Romaniuk


POB1 Seminar: Dr Mohsen Akbari


The nature of chemistry publishing


Gliwice Scientific Meetings


Our partners: dr Silvana Greca


POB1 Academy: Introduction to the Linux Environment


POB1 Seminar: Prof. Simon Tavaré


POB1 Seminar: Prof. Przemysław Biecek


POB1 Seminar: Prof. Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek


POB1 Seminar: Prof. Mohsen Akbari


Listen to the expert: dr Sturdy


Computational Oncology and Personalized Medicine: The Challenges of the Future


ITIB2022 Conference

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