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Centrum Biotechnologii
Author: Katarzyna Krukiewicz Published at: 03.03.2021 Last update: 19.05.2021

CB Seminar: Dr Aleksandra Pękowska

Biotechnology Centre would like to invite everyone to attend a seminar by Dr Aleksandra Pękowska from Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw, entitled "The implication of chromatin loop extrusion in the regulation of gene expression".

Topologically Associating Domains (TADs) are megabase-sized genomic intervals of preferential interactions. TADs provide the framework for understanding the functional interplay between cis-regulatory elements. The formation of TADs critically relies on the concert action of cohesins and CTCF, an eleven zinc finger insulator protein. Cohesins tether sequences to each other in a process termed loop extrusion, while CTCF underlies TAD boundaries' formation by limiting the interactions to regions within TADs. The two CTCF-enriched TAD boundaries frequently form a strong interaction reminiscent of a loop. 

"I will show our previous and current work where we combined high-throughput sequencing approaches, including in-situ HiC and computational tools, to address how cohesins and CTCF participate in regulating genome topology and the control of gene expression. I will present data connecting cellular energy consumption and cohesin action on chromatin. I will introduce architectural stripes, a specialized chromatin structure formed by super-enhancers that intervene in promoter activity regulation. In the second part of the talk, I will show the timing of the maturation of chromatin structure during embryonic stem cell differentiation."

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Meeting ID: 979 4759 1730

Passcode: 970143



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