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International Staff Week JULY 2024
Topic To Bee Eco in the Postindustrial Environment
Institution Silesian University of Technology
Country Poland, Gliwice
Date July 1st -5th 2024
Stanisława Konarskiego 18A, Gliwice
Fee participation in the conference is free of charge
Keynote Speakers tbc
Full programme SUT ISW 2024 Programme
Accomodation Hotels around SUT
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Dear Partners and Colleagues,

Once again it is our pleasure to invite colleagues from our partner institutions around the world  (university educators, professors and lecturers, international relation officers) to the Silesian University of Technology International Staff Week which will take place in Gliwice, Poland, 1-5 July, 2024.

This event is going to be focused on various educational activities, which their main topics will be ecology and environmental changes adaption in the industries. Join us to learn more about post-industrial Silesia region of Poland and many challenges facing modernization and growth of the new technologies sector. Incredible ideas and lectures presented by SUT’s specialists, from history of the region to present and possible future actions focusing on the transformation of the post-industrial environment, will be the main focus of this training. Additionally we are planning on organizing social activities, to integrate the group, which will give a chance for growth of new partnerships. One of the main parts is going to be a trip to Guido Coal Mine and Queen Luiza Adit, a thrilling experience giving a chance to learn about the richness of Silesia affecting our university’s growth.

More information about trip below

Are you ready for the underground adventure?

guido in english

Two excellently preserved mining levels are waiting for you 170 and 320 metres below the surface. You will go there with the authentic elevator (in Silesia called “shola”), the same that is used in active coal mines. The express ride in darkness takes just several dozen of seconds!


First of all, you will visit the oldest available regions of Guido Coal Mine, at the 170 level. The guide will tell you about the toil of work from the beginning of the 20th century which was the time of mechanization, technological progress but also the time the strongest cult of St. Barbara in Silesian coal mining. It is her who is the central figure in this part of the tour.

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During the tour of the 170 level you will look into originally preserved horse stables and you will learn about the role that these animals played in the history of mining. You will also see what type of dangers wait for the miners working underground and thanks to the multimedia effects almost “feel” the first-hand experience on yourself.

The main point of the 170 level is St. Barbara’s chapel which catches attention thanks to the architectural qualities: raw brick, steel constructions and industrial climate are mixed with monumentality which is well-known from neo-gothic brick churches so often appearing in Silesia.

koledowanie guido 06 01 2016 36

The biggest attractions of the 320 level are the large scale mining machines presented in operation and the ride in suspended electric rail. The experience at 320 level is mostly connected with exploring the development of mining technology from the end of the 19th century up to modern times.


Here you will learn how the hard work of a coal miner looks like, in what conditions the coal is mined and what mother nature can do to with the tunnels if they are not protected with support. You will go through a maze of mining excavations – at some points it will be steep and dark! Remember that the protective helmet is to be worn on the whole touristic route.

Although Guido Coal Mine stopped its coal extraction long time ago, there is still some coal left. During the tour you’ll see it at least four times, in its raw form – seams that are two meters thick.


A part of the route at 320 level will be covered with suspended electric rail. It is the only rail of this type in the world that has been made available for the tourists! It will take You to the working area of two machines, roadheader and longwall coal-cutting machine. From a very close perspective you will see how these powerful rock and coal mining machines at work.


The tour of Guido Coal Mine ends in the deepest located pub in Europe! For adults, the Pump Hall offers specialty of the house, “Guido” beer – a fantastic drink, brewed by local brewery from Gliwice, coming in two versions: lager and stout. In the Pump Hall you can also drink a cup of coffee, buy some souvenirs or try Silesian kitchen.


Worth knowing

– Tour duration: 2,5 hours
– Route length: 3,5 km
– Age limitation: 6 years
– The temperature underground is between 13 and 16 degrees of Celsius, independently from the season
– Proper clothing and shoes with flat sole are recommended
– Due to difference in the air pressure, we do not recommend this tour for people with serious diseases
– Pregnant women should consult doctor before taking a tour

The Water Route in Sztolnia Królowa Luiza is one of the most diverse and unique offers in the whole complex.

It’s an amazing adventure, hidden under the streets of the Silesian city, in the nineteenth-century, original excavations of the former Main Hereditary Key Adit and at the same time the longest underground route of this type in coal mining!

 LOL8829 b

A fragment of underground excavations are on foot here, and 1,100 meters is a unique, underground rafting by boat.

During the boat ride right in the center of a 170,000-strong city, you can meet the legendary Treasurer or Utopka of Upper Silesia.

There are also underground ports, passing places, sounds of dripping water and unique chiaroscuro prevailing in the entire underground.

Underground rafting on boats in historic excavations will certainly provide an unforgettable experience.

IMG 4678

Lovers of the raw beauty of nature will also find something for themselves …
Calcareous infiltrates, usually admired in caves, or live plants that, with a little artificial light and a 90% dose of humidity in the air, grow almost 40 meters underground.

This can not be forgotten!

sztolnia krlowa luiza 1

During the underground tour, we provide a lot of interesting information about the threats that hampered the work of miners in the nineteenth century.

These are primarily two elements – fire and water, which the miners struggled with.
However, the real art turned out to be their subjugation and use for tourist purposes.

What? You will find out while sightseeing!

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Worth knowing:

• We took care of all precautions for the sake of your health and safety
• Visiting time: 2.5 – 3 hours;
• Route length: approx. 2.5 km (approx. 1,100 m of water flow and approx. 1,400 m of pedestrian crossing);
• Age restriction: over 7 years of age
• Underground temperature is 14 – 16 degrees Celsius depending on the season;
• We recommend appropriate clothing (rain jacket, cape) and full footwear with flat soles;

All fees are being covered by SUT
If participant is not a recipient of any support from our or their home institution side then


Staff interested in joining our International Staff Training Week with grant from Erasmus+KA171 program, please contact with your home university's international office to learn more about the availability of places.

More information about the Erasmus+KA171 program and list of our current partner universities can be found HERE.

If you are recipient of KA171 grant, your scholarship is going to be paid after arrival.


International Mobility Office

e-mail: Mobility@polsl.pl

Kamila Tokarczyk

e-mail: Kamila.Tokarczyk@polsl.pl, phone: (+48) 32 237-2207
incoming students and staff within Erasmus+ KA171 and exchange students from non-EU countries

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