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Author: Ewelina Domalik Published at: 10.05.2024 Last update: 10.05.2024

Report from the 6th Chess Tournament for the Championship of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Twelve participants took part in the 6th edition of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics Chess Championship. Among them were students of Mathematics, Computer Science and employees. Prizes for the best players were awarded by the Dean of the Faculty.

Piotr Słanina won over a distance of 7 rounds, ahead of Rafał Jobda (both 5.5 points). Third place went to Marcin Adam (5 points). The best "amateur" (a player with neither a chess category nor a FIDE rating), Dominik Mikulski, won 4th place with 4.5 points.

The level was very even - the difference between the first and last player was only 4 points. The "Chess Theory" course, which has been conducted at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics for several years, encourages students of our Faculty to practice this sport, who have very good predispositions in this field due to the subjects they study. In addition to logical thinking, playing chess teaches reflexes and "logical improvisation".


Wyróżnienie dla naszego studenta w konkursie PTM

Ewelina Domalik
2024-06-12 09:33:00
2024-06-12 09:40:12

Dean's Hours 6.06

Ewelina Domalik
2024-06-03 08:19:47
2024-06-03 08:29:04

Success of Beniamin Stecuła in the national Mathematical and Logical Games competition!

Ewelina Domalik
2024-05-29 14:22:53
2024-06-12 09:34:26

Godziny Dziekańskie 31.05

Ewelina Domalik
2024-05-23 14:13:17
2024-05-23 14:17:06

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