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Author: Ewelina Domalik Published at: 06.02.2024 Last update: 06.02.2024

European Student Competition BISC-E 2024

The European Bioeconomy Consortium "Bio-based Industries Consortium" (BIC) is organizing the European student competition "Bio-based Innovation Student Challenge Europe" for the third time.
The function of the National Coordinator of the Competition in Poland was entrusted by BIC to the Łukasiewicz Research Network - Automotive Industry Institute in the person of Dr. Eng. Piotr Wieczorek.

Similarly to last year, student teams consisting of three to six people and a research supervisor from a given university can take part in the competition. The thematic scope of the Competition is very broad and includes a new innovative proposal falling within the broad scope of bioeconomy. The method of application is to provide appropriate data in the application form and prepare a short, 3-5 minute, interesting presentation of the student study in English. All details about the competition are available on the competition website: https://biconsortium.eu/about-bisc-e; The National Competition Jury will select the best Polish solution, which will be submitted to the two-stage European final. In the first stage of the evaluation, the five best teams will be selected, which in the second stage will fight for the first three places, which will be rewarded with money.


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