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Subarea: Digital Images

Priority Research Area: Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing


Subarea: Digital Images

Automatic image processing and analysis are vital research areas nowadays, as we continuously generate an enormous amount of such data (very often of varying quality). Therefore, manual analysis of digital images can easily become time-consuming, extremely costly, and infeasible. Also, there are a number of domains, including medicine, in which ensuring full reproducibility of the analysis process, and making the algorithms robust against low-quality data are critical in practical applications. Our research includes not only designing and developing novel techniques for advanced image processing and analysis that benefit from computer vision, classical machine learning and deep learning, but also exploiting such approaches in real-life problems in medical and satellite imaging, object detection, classification, and tracking, industrial applications, and much more. Our artificial intelligence-powered algorithms are commonly fairly generic, hence can be conveniently exploited in processing non-image data.

Applications of digital image processing and analysis algorithms

Processing and analysis of satellite and astronomical images

Image processing and analysis in industrial applications

Processing and analysis of medical images

Algorithms and tools for processing and analyzing digital images

Noise reduction in image data and video sequences and evaluation of the quality of digital images

Detection and recognition of objects in images and video streams, analysis of video sequences

Analysis and processing of multi- and hyperspectral image data

Other research topics

Data visualization techniques

Image data compression

Biometric techniques and human-computer interfaces

The coordinator: dr inż. Jakub Nalepa

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