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Author: Anna Orłowska Published at: 20.05.2024 Last update: 20.05.2024

Kosmotrend – Natural cosmetic raw materials

The integration of scientists and representatives of the cosmetic industry, the latest trends and challenges related to the use of natural ingredients in cosmetics – the Faculty of Chemistry invites you to the 1st National Scientific Conference Kosmotrend – natural cosmetic raw materials.

The conference will take place on September 6th at the Education and Congress Centre of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. 

The aim of the event is to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience of the scientific community and representatives of the cosmetics industry. The conference will cover trends and challenges related to the use of natural active ingredients in cosmetic raw materials. Participation in the conference will be an inspiration for establishing cooperation between research centres and industry and will contribute to increasing the level of commercialization of conducted research. 
We invite representatives of the cosmetics industry, scientific staff, PhD students and students. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to inspiring speeches of invited guests, participate in a discussion panel and share their experiences in the form of oral announcements or posters. Participation in the conference will be confirmed by a certificate. 

A detailed conference program is available here.

Thematic scope: 

  • sources and methods of obtaining natural cosmetic raw materials, 

  • methods of analysis of active substances in plant extracts,

  •  evaluation of the effectiveness of the cosmetic preparation, 

  • legal challenges and opportunities for ecological and natural certificates in the cosmetics industry.

Speakers - cosmetics industry experts and scientists :

  • MD. Eng., PhD Katarzyna Pytkowska, WSIiZ, Warsaw 

  • Ewelina Drelich, Safety Assessor, Drelich & Zielski Concept, Warsaw 

  • Marcin Siekierski, Provital Polska, Poznań 

  • Dr Hab. Eng. Danuta Gillner, prof. SUT, Gliwice l 

    Personal Care team, CRODA, Cracow 

  • Dr Hab. Eng. Sylwia Bajkacz, prof. SUT, Gliwice  

  • Dr Hab. Eng. Alicja Kazek-Kęsik, Prof. SUT, Gliwice 

Panel discussion: “Scientific development as a basis for industrial innovation” will be an opportunity to talk with invited guests about opportunities and barriers when implementing new solutions in cosmetic products. 

Poster session and messages are a chance to present your own research! 

Registration runs until June 3, 2024, by registration form: 


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