Author: Jolanta Skwaradowska     Published At: 11.10.2021

EURECA-PRO Week at the Silesian University of Technology

The Silesian University of Technology is one of the partners of the EURECA-PRO consortium. From 4th to 8th October 2021, you are welcome to attend the meetings and workshops devoted to the European University, as well as the cooperation of the academic community with the consortium and the socio-economic environment.

EURECA-PRO (European University Alliance on Responsible Consumption and Production) is a consortium created by the Silesian University of Technology and the University of Leoben (Austria), Technical University Freiberg (Germany), University of Petrosani (Romania), University of Leon (Spain), Technical University of Crete (Greece), Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (Germany), selected in the prestigious, strategic programme of the European Union, with the ambition to change European and world education.

These are seven universities that form the nucleus of the future European University. The consortium focuses on broad issues related to the 4th and 12th United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education for All and Sustainable Consumption and Production.

The European University also stands for educational and scientific values, supported by consortium partners cooperating with each other in the field of internationalisation of education, research and innovation in the field of environmental and social development, as well as technological, ecological, economic, social and political aspects.

The EURECA-PRO week at the Silesian University of Technology is a unique opportunity for the academic community and partners from the socio-economic environment of the University to learn about the tasks and opportunities related to the European University. Meetings organised as part of the event can become a source of knowledge about cooperation with foreign centres - not only in the scientific perspective, but also in the cultural, linguistic and social perspective.

The event started on Monday, 4th October, with the official opening of the EURECA-PRO week broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Silesian University of Technology.

On Tuesday, in addition to workshops for administrative staff and students of the University, there is a meeting devoted to project-oriented education, as well as a meeting for young scientists and doctoral students of the Silesian University of Technology and foreign research centres.

The Conference on Responsible Production and Consumption will be held on 6th October from 09:00 to 17:00. The conference agenda and registration are available on EURECA-PRO website.

As part of EURECA-PRO Week, the Silesian University of Technology will host a session on EIT RawMaterials scheduled online on Thursday, 7th October.


EURECA PRO Week - Session dedicated to EIT RawMaterials 07.10.2021. FILE .DOC Download
EURECA PRO Week - session on EIT RawMaterials 07.10.2021 FILE .PDF Download

EIT RawMaterials is the largest consortium of the raw materials industry in the world, initiated by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Its mission is to enable the sustainable competitiveness of the European minerals, metals and materials sector along the entire value chain by integrating innovation, education and entrepreneurship using knowledge from industry, higher education and research.

EURECA-PRO Week at the Silesian University of Technology promotes sustainable consumption and production goals related to environmental issues. This area is also the subject of a meeting, competition and activities for primary school students organised on 8th October, which will raise environmental awareness and develop responsible social attitudes. 

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