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Teaching offer for schools

The Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering, and Industrial Automation of the Silesian University of Technology actively cooperates with schools to popularize education in the field of science, technology, and natural sciences. Our proposal is addressed to all high school students of technical schools and high schools including exact sciences, natural sciences, and humanities.


This offer was prepared by academic teachers who are passionate and committed to passing on knowledge. Lectures are popular science presentations adapted to the core curriculum at the high school level.  We are well aware that students and teachers like workshops and laboratories the most, that is to say, they like practical classes, during which the student can examine, measure, and discover something all by himself!

The success of the teaching process is to encourage continuous self-learning combined with the satisfaction and joy of learning. In class, we not only pass on the necessary knowledge but try to make students aware of the importance of scientific research and measurement, and show that being a scientist and engineer is a process and a way of thinking that we learn throughout our lives!

Classes are FREE of charge, take place on the premises of the Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (Street name Akademicka 2). We are also ready to come with selected classes to schools.

NOTE: Because of covid-19, we are currently conducting online classes.

To determine the date, form, and subject of the classes, please contact:

Dean of the Mining Training, Safety Engineering, and Industrial Automation Dr. Hab. Małgorzata Wyganowska, Prof. of the Technical University.

(e-mail malgorzata.wyganowska@polsl.pl).

We are ready to prepare and conduct various classes and meeting the individual needs of the groups concerned.


We cordially invite students of upper secondary classes to take advantage of the educational offer prepared by the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the Silesian University of Technology together with The Queen Louise Adit.

Our offer deals with the visit at the Adit and its program contains:

  • a lecture (approx. 45 minutes) given by a Faculty employee on the selected topic (the list of topics can be found below)
  • visiting the Queen Louise Underground Mine (approx. 90 minutes).

A sightseeing program is adapted to the subject of the lecture and the age of the participants, and is based on the following educational routes:

Geozone (geology issues),

Technical Zone (formation of underground excavations and technical development of mining machines),

Action Zone (mine hazards, miner's work).

The maximum number of the group is 24 people (visiting the underground of Adit takes place in groups of up to 12 people). The date of the educational tour to be determined. It is possible to organize a lecture for more students (up to 100 people) combined with a tour of individual parts of the facility by visitors divided into groups (details to be determined with the organizers from the Queen Louise Adit).

Information on visiting Queen Louise's Adit and booking:

tel. 32 271 40 77

The Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering, and Industrial Automation cooperates with numerous scientific centers and universities both in the country and abroad. To popularize technical education, the Faculty concludes numerous didactic agreements with schools and other educational institutions, which allows promoting higher education offered by the Faculty. Teaching contracts include among others:

assistance in the implementation of joint educational activities related to the deepening and broadening of students' professional interests,

organising teaching tours related to vocational training to increase students' knowledge and interests,

cooperation with the University in educational celebrations and events organized by a school,

making specialised workshops and laboratories available to student groups,

supporting future educational and didactic initiatives and innovations.

We invite all External Stakeholders to establish cooperation with the Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering, and Industrial Automation of the Silesian University of Technology.

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