Silesian University of Technology awarded during the Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship

The 8th Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship organized by Polska Agencja Przedsiębiorczości (Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship) has finished in Cracow. The event was rich in numerous economic discussions in which representatives of our University participated. The elite “Fundament 2020/2021” (“Foundation 2020/2021”) award was received on behalf of the Silesian University of Technology by Professor Marek Pawełczyk.

The Silesian University of Technology was one of the content patrons of the Congress, which gathered several hundred companies and institutions and dozens of speakers from various fields of economy. Among the guests invited to the discussion panels were: the Vice Rector for Science and Development, Prof. Marek Pawełczyk and the Vice Rector for Infrastructure and Promotion, Prof. Tomasz Trawiński.

An official presentation of awards took place before the start of discussion, where the Silesian University of Technology was awarded the statuette and title of the “Fundament 2020/2021” that was received, on behalf of the University, by Professor Marek Pawełczyk. FUNDAMENT is a nationwide program promoting entities that complement their business activities with actions promoting corporate social responsibility and the development of culture, and through their policies become a model for other entities. They are proof that a solid foundation is the basis for a thriving institution or company.

The Polish Congress of Entrepreneurship, which was held from 5th to 7th of October in Cracow, was an opportunity to exchange views and to establish and build business relations. It also provided an opportunity to present companies and institutions at promotional stands, which were visited by numerous guests, especially on the first day of the Congress.

More information can be found at Politechnika Śląska | Politechnika Śląska nagrodzona podczas Polskiego Kongresu Przedsiębiorczości ( (in Polish)

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