Author: Jolanta Skwaradowska     Published At: 12.10.2021

Be ECO with EURECA! A photo competition for children and teenagers

More and more ecological solutions appear in the surroundings of each of us. They make it possible to take care of the environment and its resources in the best possible way, so that they will survive for the next generations. It is worth taking a closer look at them, presenting them in a creative way in photos and presenting them to others in the ECO competition with EURECA!

How to take part in the ECO with EURECA competition?

Take photos of environmental solutions in your immediate environment - at home, at school, in your backyard or in other places - and send them to the following email address: until November 15, 2021.

The required photo format is: JPG file of the size not exceeding 10MB, the longer side of the photo: not less than 2400 px.

Who can take part?

The competition is open to primary and secondary school students. Participants will be assessed in three age categories:

- classes I-III (primary school)

- classes IV-VIII (primary school)

- secondary schools.

When will the results of the ECO with EURECA competition be announced?

The results and awards ceremony is scheduled for December 6, 2021. The winners will be honoured with diplomas and attractive prizes.

Who is the organizer of the competition?

The competition is organized by the Silesian University of Technology.

The event is organised within the ERASMUS+ EURECA-PRO Project.

EURECA-PRO (European University Alliance on Responsible Consumption and Production) is a consortium created by the Silesian University of Technology and the University of Leoben (Austria), Technical University Freiberg (Germany), University of Petrosani (Romania), University of Leon (Spain), Technical University of Crete (Greece), Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (Germany), focusing, among others, on broadly understood issues related to the 4th and 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal: good quality education for all and sustainable consumption and production.

The consortium partners collaborate on the internationalization of education, research and innovation in environmental and social development, as well as technological, environmental, economic, social and political aspects.

The aim of the ECO with EURECA competition is to promote the objectives of the EURECA-PRO project with a particular focus on shaping and strengthening pro-environmental attitudes among children and young people.

We invite you to participate in the ECO with EURECA competition and to read the regulations.

Website of the ECO with EURECA competition.

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