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18th Scientific and technical conference "Transport Systems. Theory and Practice" (19-20 September 2022)

On 19-20 September 2022, the 18th Scientific and technical conference, "Transport Systems. Theory and Practice" (TSTP), was held. The conference was organized by the Department of Transport Systems, Traffic Engineering and Logistics of the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering at the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice. 

The conference was a remote event attended by academics from research centres and universities, representatives of local government and transport institutions, and economic practitioners from Poland and several other countries. The authors of the papers and participants in the conference represented coutries like: China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Italy, Ukraine and United Kingdom. Honorary patronage was assumed by the Minister of Infrastructure, the Governor of Silesian Voivode and Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship. The partner of the conference was the Centre for EU Transport Projects.

Participants at this year's conference represented 34 academic bodies from home and abroad, local government institutions and transport-related businesses, and publishers.

The aim of the conference, as every year, was to present the latest developments in the broad field of transport issues and to assess the status, conditions, and prospects for the development of the national transport system at different scales from global through Europe, country, region, and city. During the two-day conference, 27 speeches were delivered.

The guests were welcomed by the chairman of the conference organizing committee - Grzegorz Sierpiński, DSc Ph.D. Eng. prof. SUT, who also presented the thematic scope of research undertaken within the Priority Research Areas with particular emphasis on POB4: Smart Cities and Future Mobility. The Vice-Dean for Cooperation and Development, Marcin Staniek, DSc Ph.D. Eng. prof. SUT, officially opened the conference and also presented the faculty's main research directions.

The conference topics covered a very diverse and broad set of issues. The debates discussed current problems concerning widely understood transport systems in both technological and organizational aspects. Attempts were also made to answer the most important questions related to the place of Polish transport in the European Union.

The TSTP conference has become a platform for cooperation and exchange of mutual experiences related to transport issues between individual research centers at home and abroad.


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