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"Best Dissertation Defended in 2023 within the consortium PROGRES 3" Competition

We invite you to take part in the "Best Dissertation Defended in 2023 within the consortium PROGRES 3" competition. The competition is organised by VSB Ostrava and is of international character. Registered dissertations must be defended in the period of 1.1.2023 - 31. 12. 2023 at Silesian University of Technology.

Each university can choose a maximum of 3 dissertations in each category which will continue to the second round (i.e. up to 15 doctoral theses in total).


  1. Economics, Finance and Management
  2. Raw Materials, Energy and the Environment
  3. Health and Applications in Healthcare
  4. Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
  5. Competitive Engineering and Materials Research

The dissertations will be judged by evaluators of the participating universities under the VŠB Ostrava lead.

Applicants must email electronic version of all the required documents to the International Relations Office by 26.02.2024 to RN3-DWZ@polsl.pl.

Required documents:

  1. An electronic version of the dissertation summary (pdf or docx), at least 5 pages (recommended 10-15 pages). Recommended structure for summary of dissertation:
    1. Cover Sheet (name of school and faculty, designation The summary of the dissertation, the author's name, title of work, name of the study program and field, elaboration year),
    2. annotation (maximum one page)
    3. contents,
    4. an introduction to the issues and the current state of the topic,
    5. aim of the thesis and used methods of work,
    6. a brief synopsis of the dissertation,
    7. results of the dissertation, contribution to the development of theory and social practice,
    8. the conclusion, suggestions and recommendations,
    9. a list of references.
  2. An electronic version of the dissertation (pdf or docx) - the diserations do not have to be written in English
  3. A signed 1st round applicant statement
  4. In the email with all the documents please also note which category the dissertation shall be entered

A maximum of 3 best dissertations will be chosen in 1st round and sent to VSB Ostrava for the 2nd round.

Before a dissertation is sent to VSB Ostrava, the International Relations Office will contact the applicant and ask to fill in the application form prepared by the Organiser. Please do not send the form in the 1st round.


Sending dissertations to International Relations Office: 26.02.2024 – 1st round

Sending dissertations to VSB Ostrava: 29.02.2024

2ns round and Committee meeting: 1 - 14.03.2024

Publication of results : 15.03.2024

Diplomas giving ceremony: 21.03.2024

The competition results will be published on http://progres3.vsb.cz/en/news/ and www.polsl.pl websites.


  • Each of the category winners, whose dissertation is placed on the 1st place in category, will receive a cash prize of 7.000, - CZK and diploma.
  • The authors of dissertations on the 2nd or 3rd place in each category will receive diplomas.
  • Authors, whose dissertation participated in the second round but were not placed at the 1.-3. positions, will receive a certificate of participating in the competition.

In case of any questions please contact International Relations Office: phone (32) 237 1944, e-mail: RN3-DWZ@polsl.pl .

You can find more info in the attached terms as conditions.

The organisor of the competition is VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Statement of the participant - 1st round ... Download
The conditions of the Competition ... Download
Application Form - 2nd round ... Download

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