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Management and Production Engineering, first-cycle full-time studies

Course description
  • first-cycle full-time course
  • profile: general academic
  • recruitment date: summer recruitment
  • course duration:  3,5 years/7 semesters
  • title conferred: Engineer
  • specialties:
    • Reverse engineering with elements of industrial design
    • Organization of production and logistics
    • Managing a production company

Graduate qualifications

A graduate of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering has knowledge and skills in the field of business management basics, modern management techniques, management systems and production quality assurance systems, as well as the functioning of modern enterprises and production systems. Moreover, graduates of the 1st degree studies are prepared for engineering and research work related to the following specialties:

Graduate profile in the field of production organization and logistics

The graduate of the studies has knowledge of: designing production systems, numerical optimization of production processes, quality control, production project management. modern logistic systems, their operation in industry, conditions of logistics systems, methods, techniques of inventory and transport management tools, supply chain and supply chain management, improvement of logistic customer service. In addition, he has the skills to solve problems and logistic tasks using engineering methods and techniques, design systems and logistics processes for supply, production and distribution. A graduate of the specialization: Organization of industrial production and production logistics is prepared to manage a logistics enterprise as well as a production enterprise of various industries, logistic centers, transport and shipping and transport enterprises. In addition, he can perform managerial functions with direct supervision and organization of production in enterprises dealing with technical and economic consultancy, construction and technological offices, and in the technical supervision division. and performing managerial functions in it.

Profile of a graduate in reverse engineering with elements of industrial design

Graduates of the “Reverse engineering and industrial design” specialization obtain extended knowledge in the field of: methods of discretization of graphic objects, 3D design, subtractive and incremental manufacturing techniques, reverse engineering, product quality control and industrial design. The acquired knowledge allows you to obtain the competence of a specialist in the production and reconstruction of physical objects, creating innovative market products using modern incremental and negative manufacturing techniques.

Profile of a graduate in the management of a production enterprise

Graduates of the first-cycle studies specializing in production company management have knowledge of: company management at the strategic, tactical and operational level. Has the ability to recognize, diagnose and solve management problems: human, material, financial and information capital, as well as processes taking place in the enterprise. The graduate has the skills of critical analysis, interpretation and evaluation of phenomena and management processes. He is prepared for the work of a manager, also a process manager. He is distinguished on the market by the knowledge of the so-called “soft” – social, but also “hard” – technical.

Management and Production Engineering, second-cycle full-time studies  

Course description
  • second-cycle full-time course
  • profile: general academic
  • recruitment date: winter recruitment
  • course duration: 1,5 years/3 semesters
  • title conferred: Master of Engineering
  • specialties:
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Organization of industrial production
    • Occupational Health and Safety

Graduate profile

Profile of the graduate of the specialization: Lean Manufacturing
The graduate is prepared to perform duties related to the improvement of processes and the elimination of waste, based on the methods and tools of the Lean Manufacturing concept. The acquired qualifications enable graduates to organize and implement processes in accordance with the Lean methodology, striving to improve them and improve the company’s performance. The graduate has knowledge in the field of Lean Manufacturing, with particular emphasis on the principles of this concept, stages of implementation in the enterprise, identification of losses in processes as well as methods and tools of the Lean concept. The graduate knows the non-technical conditions of the company’s operations, taking into account the knowledge of organizational culture, building effective teams of employees, as well as problem solving methods. Can use the tools, methods and techniques of the Lean concept in the company, analyze the actions taken, solve problems
and work in a team. The acquired qualifications will enable taking up professional work as a lean manager responsible for introducing the concept of lean management in the enterprise.

Profile of the graduate of the specialization: organization of industrial production
A graduate of the industrial production organization specialization has detailed knowledge of: designing production processes, simulating production processes, implementing LM tools, can identify threats, apply corrective solutions, solve technological problems and know management systems used in industrial practice. Thanks to the acquired knowledge, the graduates meet modern professional requirements and have the necessary knowledge to implement and organize production processes. The interdisciplinary nature of the studies allows you to perform advisory functions in production companies, and at the same time to meet the expectations of employers operating in dynamically changing labor markets.

Profile of the graduate of the specialization: occupational health and safety
Graduates of the second-cycle studies specializing in occupational health and safety obtains rights in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of September 2, 1997 (DU1997.109.704 and DU2004.246.2468) on occupational health and safety services. The graduate has the knowledge and skills to coordinate, supervise and organize all activities related to the health and safety at work in the enterprise, incl. controlling compliance with health and safety regulations, analysis of the health and safety at work condition with proposals for improvement actions, advisory activities to ensure occupational safety and health protection of employees. Immediately after graduation, the graduate has the opportunity to work as a health and safety inspector or to run a self-employed activity, e.g. in a consulting company in the field of occupational health and safety.

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