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  1. PhD students studying in the 2nd and 3rd year and in the 7th semester may apply for mobility under the Erasmus + program.
  2. A doctoral student fills in a Learning Agreement (LA) under the supervision of the PhD School and his/her supervisor. This also applies to any changes in LA undertaken during the traineeship/study at the host university.
  3. Recruitment for mobility under the Erasmus + program takes place twice a year, in March and October. The PhD student submits application documents (PhD Student Application Form, Learning Agreement, certificate from the PhD School office, opinion of the supervisor) to the coordinator of the PhD School for international cooperation.
  4. The criteria for qualifying doctoral students for mobility under the Erasmus + program are specified in a separate document, constituting Annex 1 to these regulations.
  5. The decision on a possible extension of the PhD student's stay at the host university and the related change in LA is made by the PhD School. This decision must be consulted with the International Mobility Office in terms of the possibility of financing an extended period of stay.
  6. The PhD School settle the doctoral student's stay in terms of the implementation of the established program of study/traineeship, which the PhD student confirms by submitting relevant documents (LA, transcript of records, confirmation of attendance).
  7. The PhD School provides the International Mobility Office with written information about the completion or failure of the PhD student's stay at the host university, which is related to the financial settlement of the stay.
  8. PHD student is obliged to make a financial settlement in the International Mobility Office related to his study stay or traineeship.
  9. The scholarship awarded under the Erasmus+ program is complementary and is intended to cover additional costs related to the trip and stay at a foreign university. The scholarship is a lump sum and its amount depends on the country of the host institution and the length of stay. Scholarship rates are available on the website of the International Mobility Office.
  10. Payment of domestic scholarships to which the PhD student acquired the right before departure will be continued during the PhD student's stay at the host university.
  11. The Erasmus + scholarship will be paid in two instalments: 90% and 10% (the first instalment after signing the contract and the second after settling the mobility) in the form of a transfer to the account provided by the PhD student. Erasmus+ scholarships are paid in Euro currency.
  12. No later than 30 days after the end of the stay at the host university, the PhD student is obliged to submit to the International Mobility Office Learning Agreement for Studies (after mobility part) - confirmation of obtained credits (transcript of records) and confirmation of the length of stay at the host university indicating the start and end dates of stay at the host university (confirmation of attendance). In the case of an traineeship, the PhD student provides the Learning Agreement for Traineeships document - after mobility part.
  13. After fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions, the scholarship will be settled financially. Failure to meet the above conditions may constitute the basis for failure to complete the semester and request by the home university to return some part or all amount of the scholarship received.
  14. The home university does not provide insurance or accommodation during the stay at the host university.
  15. In the case when the scholarship is paid but the mobility is not completed, the program participant is obliged to immediately return the full amount of the received scholarship.

In order to ensure the quality of the provided mobility and to provide participants with the opportunity to acquire competences identified as key to the Erasmus + program, PhD students may not have mobility to their country of origin or another, where the official language is their mother tongue, despite the fact that they study at a university located in the country other than the country of origin or mobility.

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