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Health and wellbeing


In the case of an emergency, call the emergency services. 112 is the European emergency number which is available free of charge, 24/7, anywhere in the European Union. You can dial 112 to reach the emergency services (the police, emergency medical services, the fire brigade).
To call specific emergency service please dial:
  999 – Ambulance
  998 – Fire Brigade
  997 – Police


Students from EU/EFTA member countries who have valid national health insurance in their home countries are required to bring with them the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). With this card, they can get free of charge basic medical help in state medical clinics which have contracts with the National Health Fund (NHF).

In Poland, everyone has the right to choose their primary healthcare physician. Accordingly, with EHIC you can register for an appointment with a doctor of your choice at any health centre which signed a contract with the National Health Fund.

Students from non-EU/EFTA member countries are obliged to purchase a private health care and accident insurance in their home countries a private health care and accident insurance including coverage against hospital treatment for the period of their stay in Poland. Alternatively, you can buy a Polish health insurance at the National Health Fund.

You should be aware that in the case of illness or immediate medical assistance, the lack of health insurance may result in high costs of your treatment.

In most cases, the students from non-EU/EFTA countries first have to cover the cost of all medical services and medicines themselves, and only later they are entitled to apply for a reimbursement from their insurance company after having presented the bills.

National Health Fund Address (Silesian branch):

Śląski Oddział Wojewódzki NFZ, ul. Kossutha 13, 40-844 Katowice

open from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4 pm

phone 32 735 18 34

e-mail: sekretariat@nfz-katowice.pl

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