Author: Agnieszka Kliks-Pudlik     Published At: 25.05.2022

The Silesian University of Technology awarded during INTARG®2022

Gold and Silver Medals and the Fair's Platinum Award are some of the prizes that Silesian University of Technology researchers received during the 15th INTARG®2022 International Trade Fair for Inventions and Innovations. This year, it was held on 11-12 May in Katowice.

We present the list of awarded inventions:

  1. Plastic extrusion tools with innovative coatings with improved durability and production efficiency (authors: Wojciech Brzozowski MSc, Bartosz Witala PhD, Magdalena Letun-Łątka PhD) – Gold Medal, Award of the President of the Supreme Technical Organisation. 
  2. Integrated technology for decontamination of polyolefin waste materials (authors: Piotr Sankiewicz PhD, Professor Krzysztof Piotrowski, Józef Ober PhD, Professor Klaudiusz Golombek, Joanna Mścichecka MSc, Mateusz Lis MSc) – Platinum Fair Award
  3. Unmanned aerial vehicle for vaccine distribution in the process of oral vaccination of foxes (authors: Professor Roman Czyba, Piotr Czekalski PhD, Jarosław Domin PhD) – Gold Medal, International "Prix Eiffel" Award of the French Federation of Inventors
  4. A wireless system to support dynamic signalling of human evacuation directions and environmental monitoring in mines and buildings (authors: Professor Andrzej Kwiecień, Jarosław Flak PhD, Dariusz Caban PhD, Mirosław Skrzewski PhD, Piotr Stera PhD) – Silver Medal
  5. Research simulator of a boom-type road header (authors: Professor Piotr Cheluszka, Eryk Remiorz PhD, Grzegorz Głuszek MSc) – Silver Medal
  6. Method of analysing and adjusting the economic and performance parameters of an electric vehicle for use in urban driving conditions (author: Paweł Fabiś PhD) – Silver Medal 

The full list of award winners can be found at: Laureaci Intarg - XV MIĘDZYNARODOWE TARGI WYNALAZKÓW I INNOWACJI INTARG® 2022, 11-12 maja 2022r (

The INTARG® Fair is an international event presenting and promoting inventions and innovations. Its main aim is to show the potential and achievements of technological thought and science - inventions, technologies and services directed to industry.

The Silesian University of Technology is a Content Partner of the Fair. The participation in the event was coordinated by the Centre for Incubation and Technology Transfer of the Silesian University of Technology, simultaneously organising the conference (side even of the Fair) named "Intellectual property protection as a foundation for synergy between science and business". 

The event programme included competitions with prizes and medals, networking meetings, discussion panels concerning the synergy of science and industry, knowledge and technology transfer, and models for financing research and implementation in industry.

The conference opening ceremony was attended by: the Vice-Rector for Science and Development Professor Marek Pawełczyk and the Director of the Centre for Incubation and Technology Transfer of SUT Magdalena Letun-Łątka PhD. Panellists from the University, who took part in many expert discussions over the two days, included: the Director of the Project Management Centre Marcin Górski PhD, the Director of the Civil Aviation Personnel Education Centre for Central and Eastern Europe Professor Jarosław Koczuba, Patent Attorney of the Centre for Incubation and Technology Transfer of SUT Magdalena Filipek-Marzec, Bartosz Witala PhD, Paweł Fabiś PhD, Rafał Setlak PhD, Piotr Sakiewicz PhD, Mirosław Jemielniak PhD, Andrzej Kowalik and Grzegorz Studziński. 

In addition, last year awarded solutions received a diploma from the Minister of Education and Science for the high-ranking awards obtained in connection with the presentation of inventions in 2021 at international invention fairs: Unmanned flying platform with a docking module for the diagnosis of building structures (Grand Prix 2021 and Platinum Award), New method for obtaining carboxylic acids (Gold Medal 2021), Algorithm for controlling the movement of the mining heads of a roadheader (Gold Medal 2021).

INTARG2022: Dron do zadań specjalnych nagrodzony

INTARG2022: Symulator kombajnu ułatwi badania w górnictwie

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