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Author: Katarzyna Siwczyk     Published At: 29.05.2024
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The future of aviation was discussed in Pyrzowice

As part of the second day of the Aviation Week on Tuesday, May 28th , a scientific conference with experts in the field of aviation industry took place at the Katowice-Pyrzowice International Airport. On Air Transport Day, the industry’s directions of development and the challenges that companies from the aviation sector will face in the near future were discussed. The event was carried out as part of the European City of Science Katowice 2024 celebrations.

“Aviation was and is the future, from the very beginning, as soon as it started to develop. At the beginning, this phenomenon was not understood yet, but that changed from the moment when aviation became important for the military sphere. Today, we can see that drones can play an important role in armed conflicts, hence the need for constant modernization of these technologies” – said Dr Hab. Eng. Jarosław Kozuba, prof. SUT, Director of the Civil Aviation Personnel Training Centre of Central and Eastern Europe at the Silesian University of Technology and at the same time organizer of the conference at the airport in Pyrzowice.

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The event brought together representatives of the most important aviation institutions in the country, as well as representatives of leading aviation companies including carriers and manufacturers of aviation equipment. Among the guests there were also scientists involved in aviation.

“Aviation means new technologies, new materials, everything that science brings new in technology, but also in medicine and social sciences. Every field of science, to a greater or lesser extent, can be found in aviation. Finding oneself in this industry is easy, and the prospect of work is almost certain” - added Prof. Kozuba.

During the conference, among others, the challenges posed by aviation industry were discussed, and this is primarily the need to educate staff, but also the fight against excessive emission of harmful gases to the environment.

It was emphasized that apart from the COVID 19 pandemic, when air transport was experiencing a crisis for a while, we see a rather growing trend. As it is a form of transport that leaves the greatest carbon footprint, more sustainable fuels need to be developed continuously. The European Commission has approved legislation to reduce CO2 emissions and aviation emissions should be reduced by 2% by 2025. This is a big challenge for the industry. Nevertheless, aviation probably faces a golden era, as exemplified by the proposed huge development of the International Airport Katowice Airport.

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The President of the Upper Silesian Aviation Group Artur Lukasik confirmed yesterday that the plan is a huge investment aimed at the development of the airport. The first implementation agreements will be signed this year.

“The Katowice Airport development plan by 2028 is comprehensive. Its key point is the construction of the main passenger terminal and the associated new road system. Equally important is the expansion of off-road parking, multi-level parking and the creation of a transfer centre” – announced the President Tomasik and added that the entire investment will generate passenger traffic at the level of 7.5 million passengers per year by 2028. What is most important for the development of the industry – thanks to this investment, about eight thousand new jobs will be created.

-“We meet these expectations. Silesian University of Technology is aware of the forecasts that aviation will develop very quickly in the coming years – by 10 percent on a yearly basis. In the field of transport, we offer studies with the specialization in aviation mechanics and air navigation. The training is carried out in close cooperation with the companies where they can work. Such cooperation also allows students to obtain appropriate qualifications and certificates already during their studies.” – explained Prof. Dr. Hab. Eng. Bogusław Łazarz - Vice-Rector for General Affairs of the Silesian University of Technology.

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During the conference it was emphasized that such a dynamic development of aviation in the region would not be possible without the presence of Poland in the European Union.

Discussions on the future of aviation were attended by students of aviation faculties and specialties of the Silesian University of Technology, who could meet and talk in person with representatives of companies from the industry. The companies offered internships and internships, as well as guaranteed the possibility of development from training to work in the structures of companies related to passenger service, operation and construction of aviation equipment and safety in air traffic. There were also presentations of aviation equipment at the airport. An aviation knowledge contest was also organized.

We remind you that the Aviation Week will last until Sunday, June 2nd. Detailed information on the next events can be found at:


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