Author: Martin Huć     Published At: 20.02.2024
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The exhibition as the result of international cooperation

The closing ceremony of the exhibition "Architecture & Landscape in Conservation Design" took place in the main hall of the Faculty of Mining, Safety Engineering, and Industrial Automation of the Silesian University of Technology: Cassino-Folcara, Gaeta, Vigancice-Visnova.

Works on the subject of "conservation design" carried out at the Department of Theory, Design and History of the Faculty of Architecture were presented during full-time master's studies of the current academic year, as part of international cooperation.

Everyone was welcomed by: prof. dr hab. Eng. Bogusław Łazarz, Vice-Rector for General Affairs of the Silesian University of Technology, prof. dr hab. Eng Franciszek Plewa, dean of the Faculty of Mining , Safety Engineering and Industrial Automation, and prof. dr hab. Eng. arch. Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak, head of the Department of Theory, Design and History of Architecture - leader of the project.


- This is an exhibition about cooperation with two universities. The first of them is the University of Cassino and South Lazio, with which for almost ten years we have been constantly conducting student projects, organizing conferences, issuing joint publications, and pursuing double doctorates - explains prof. Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak. - At the request of this university, we prepared two concepts - the first is the modernization and expansion of the Folcara academic campus and an attempt to integrate its area with the structure of the city of Cassino. The second concept is the adaptation of Gaeta Castle, which is owned by the university, for the new Department of Cultural Heritage.

Cooperation was also established with the Technical University of Liberec, the Czech commune of Visnova and the "Dom Kołodzieja" foundation from Zgorzelec.

- We are carrying out a project for the development of the area of the no longer existing village of Wigancice Żytawskie , which was destroyed in the 1990s as a result of the exploitation of the Turów mine , displaced and demolished. There were beautiful half-timbered houses and traditional wooden buildings - says prof. Magdalena Żmudzińska-Nowak. - The village of Wigancice, together with the Czech commune of Visnova, formerly formed one village. Currently, they are trying - together with partners from both sides of the border - to develop this beautiful landscape area into recreational areas, bicycle paths and tourist attractions.

The works presented at the exhibition will soon also be shown in Italy , at the University of Cassino and in the Czech commune of Visnova.

- This exhibition is a beautiful example of cooperation between University units, as well as international cooperation. I think that subsequent exhibitions of these works will also be successful - emphasizes the Vice-Rector, Prof. Bogusław Łazarz.

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