Author: Katarzyna Siwczyk     Published At: 16.05.2024
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START scholarships for young scientists of the Silesian University of Technology

Young scientists of the Silesian University of Technology with exceptional distinction.

The next edition of the START Scholarship competition of the Foundation for Polish Science awarded to the best young scientists representing all fields of science, in which the winners were Dr Eng. Daria Katla-Milewska and MSc Eng. Jakub Ochman from the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering.

Daria Katla-Milewska last year defended her PhD thesis entitled “Research on the potential of electrolysis and gasification of solid fuels for the production of synthetic natural gas in a polygeneration system.” Currently, as part of her work in the Biofuels and NextH2 projects, she continues her research on the production of synthetic fuels, focusing on the analysis of Power to X. Daria Katla-Milewska also serves as the Grant Award Coordinator in the project TrANsMIT, implemented under the European COST Actions program. The aim of the project is to address the current research and technological and economic challenges, as well as barriers to the development of the carbon capture, transport, use and storage chain (CCUS).

In turn, the second winner, Jakub Ochmann, conducts experimental and numerical research in the field of heat storage, as well as thermal integration of energy systems. He is the head of the HEPOR project implemented as part of the PRELUDIUM program of the National Science Centre. He also focuses on the decarbonization potential of the Polish power system through the implementation of third and fourth generation nuclear reactors in accordance with the implementation of the Coal-to-Nuclear path within the project DEsire. Jakub Ochmann carries out his research in the team of Dr Hab. Eng. Łukasz Bartela, prof. SUT who is the supervisor of his dissertation thesis. Jakub Ochmann is the Content Coordinator of the 16th National Energy Competition named after Prof. Jacek Malko “It all depends on energy.” organized by the Świadomi Klimatu Foundation.

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