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Silesian University of Technology joined the Baltic University Program

Silesian University of Technology joins the Baltic University Program (BUP) consortium.
It is an international network of about one hundred universities, located in ten countries of the Baltic Sea Region, established in 1991. BUP supports cooperation between scientists, teachers, and students from participating universities.

Below please check present current invitations to events and programs for BUP member universities.

Training for PhD students CAPABLE 2024
The CAPABLE (Common Academic Practices and abilities in Learning for Research) project aims to provide knowledge, skills and networking opportunities for PhD students completing doctoral studies at a university participating in BUP and focusing on a topic of sustainable development relevant to the Baltic Sea region. Qualified students will receive mentoring and feedback on their doctoral dissertation, as well as academic development training such as writing, academic presentations, critical thinking, research argument development, and much more.
More information.

The BUP Mobility Scholarship
The aim of the grant is to develop and strengthen cooperation between young researchers in the Baltic Sea region, by covering travel and accommodation costs for the research project. The maximum value of the grant is three thousand euros. The grant aims to support young researchers from universities participating in BUP in their research on sustainability. In order for an applicant to receive a grant, he or she must have completed doctoral studies within the last 5 years
More information on the mobility scholarship.

PhD Award BUP
This award is a distinction awarded to the authors of the highest rated doctoral theses, defended at any of the universities participating in the BUP program. The winners will receive a prize in the form of a diploma and support of up to €1000 for participation in a scientific conference or publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
The BUP PhD Award is a way to support high-quality research promoting sustainable development in the context of the Baltic Sea Region. For the BUP PhD Award 2024 competition we accept doctoral theses defended in 2023, which were nominated by the PhD thesis supervisor(s).
Read more about the PhD Award.

“Research Notes Letter” Publication
Please submit your abstracts for this publication, which will contain summaries of some of the latest publications on the Baltic Sea Region and our ten BUP topics. Abstracts presented in the Research Notes Letter are accompanied by information about the authors, their affiliation, keywords, quotes, and a link to the full version of the publication.
More information about Research Notes Letter.

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