Author: Aleksandra Wojaczek     Published At: 28.06.2021

Scientists of the Silesian University of Technology with awards of the „Przegląd Techniczny” journal plebiscite.

23 of the most innovative engineers and technology creators in Poland were awarded in the "Złoty Inżynier 2020" (transl. „Golden Engineer 2020”) journal plebiscite. The most important title of the "Diamentowy Inżynier" (transl. „Diamond Engineer”) this year was given to Professor Arkadiusz Mężyk. The „Złotego Inżyniera 155-lecia Przeglądu Technicznego” (transl. „Golden Engineer of the 155th Anniversary of the Przegląd Techniczny)" award was given to the Associate Professor Marek Roszak, and Jan Kania, Phd, Eng. was awarded the „Srebrnym Inżynierem 2020” (transl."Silver Engineer 2020"). The awards are given to outstanding Polish engineers in 9 categories.

The gala of the 27th journal plebiscite was held on June 21 (Monday) at the Dom Technika (transl. House of Technology) at Czackiego 3/5 street, in Warsaw. The "Golden Engineer" is a title awarded to innovative technology creators and inventors. The award promotes the achievements and achievements of Polish engineers, and emphasizes their role in developing a modern and competitive economy.

Technical and engineering sciences have a great tradition and achievements in Poland. Many engineers-inventors, professors active before World War II contributed to the development of the world economy. Modern engineers, including engineers from the Silesian University of Technology, continue this great tradition, and their innovative solutions support the economic development of Poland.

- An engineer is not only a profession, but also a passion and pleasure in creating and creativity that translates into progress and technological development. Currently, both the development of engineering and technology have a huge impact on the progress of civilization. The role of engineers in this process cannot be overestimated. The pandemic time also shown how important the contribution of the scientific and technical part is in eliminating the effects of the pandemic. Of course, the most important role have medical services, but medical engineering support is also important in eliminating the effects of the pandemic - said Professor Arkadiusz Mężyk.

This activity must be sustainable and bring together different areas. - A university employee must balance activities in the field of science, didactics and social and economic contacts. As a result, we have a lot of opportunities to pursue our passion, but we should pursue it in these three areas without neglecting any of them. Social and economic contacts are also the basis of good didactics, an example of which are dual studies or even implementation research, such as implementation doctorates, which I also conduct - adds Associate Professor Roszak.

The "Przegląd Techniczny" award is also a recognition of the great involvment of engineers. - This award is a great distinction, honor, and also a great motivation for further activities and work. However, I would like to point out that this distinction imposes/ enforce a very great obligation to do this work even better, for the benefit of the university and the country - summarizes Jan Kania, PhD, Eng.

The organizers of the "Golden Engineer" journal plebiscite are: the editorial office of one of the oldest technical journals in Europe – the "Przegląd Techniczny – gazety inżynierskiej” and the Federacja Stowarzyszeń Naukowo-Techcznicznych Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna (transl. Polish Federation of Engineering Associations – Polish Chief Technical Organization). - The idea of our competition, which we already have the 27th edition this year, is to promote and popularize the role of engineers in the society. Their creative abilities, what they brought to both technical sciences and the economy, i.e. the ability to implement their solutions, to show that the engineer is the creator of what we use - emphasizes Ewa Mańkiewicz-Cudny, editor-in-chief of the „Przegląd Techniczny”, president of the Naczelnej Rady Technicznej (transl. Polish Chief Technical Organization).

The „Przegląd Techniczny” journal has been published since 1866. This is one of the oldest existing European journals about general technology.

The Polish Chief Technical Organization continues the 180-year tradition of associating engineers and technicians, beginning with the Polskie Towarzystwo Politechniczne (transl. Polish Polytechnic Society) founded by General Józef Bem in 1835, in Paris. Even during the partitions, Polish technicians and engineers noticed the need to prepare for building the foundations of the economy using the latest achievements of science and technology of the future Polish state. Currently, the experience and achievements of their predecessors are the basis on which the prestige of the engineering profession is built.

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