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Science and Journalism Speed Dating and Ars Mollis training are behind us!

Another edition of meetings between scientists and journalists took place at the Silesian University of Technology. In short conversations, representatives of the academic community and the media exchanged topics, experience and good practices in disseminating knowledge.

Speed Science and Journalism Dating is a project organized by the Science Advocates Association. The host of the meeting, which took place on November 21st, was the Silesian University of Technology.

During the meeting, scientists could cooperate with local media journalists and share the topics of ongoing research and projects. Speed Dating was also an opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices in the field of science popularization. 

– I wanted to gain additional experience in talking to people who do not come directly from the scientific community. This requires us, scientists, to adapt in some way, both with the vocabulary and with "selling" the results of scientific research - says dr Eng. Agnieszka Nowak from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. – This interaction with outsiders is very important. I believe that science should live in symbiosis with society.

Na zdjęciu dziennikarz rozmawia z naukowczynią. W tle regały z książkami

– I think that meetings like this are very important because we can meet face to face with people who deal with fascinating information – says Jarosław Juszkiewicz, journalist of Radio 357, creator of the YouTube channel "Head towards the south".

The scientific-journalistic dating was preceded by a training in soft skills in scientific communication ARS MOLLIS, conducted by dr Eng. Natalia Schmidt-Polończyk. The participants talked about the need and ways of disseminating knowledge among various target groups, and also performed practical exercises related to, among others: with camera work and self-presentation. They could test the acquired skills in meetings with journalists. 

–Trainings in science communication, such as the one held today in Gliwice, at the Silesian University of Technology, addressed to scientists, are much-needed initiatives during which we teach scientists how to talk about complex phenomena in a simple way - because science and its results influence the quality of our lives. – explains dr Eng. Natalia Schmidt-Polończyk, leader of the ARS MOLLIS training.

7 universities took part in this year's edition of Science and Journalism Speed Dating. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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