Author: Aleksandra Wojaczek     Published At: 20.05.2021

Researchers of the Silesian University of Technology are the winners of the "Przegląd Techniczny" journal plebiscite

The scientific activity of the Silesian University of Technology is influenced by the works and research challenges undertaken by the researchers of the University. Their achievements in this area were appreciated in the readers' poll of the "Przegląd Techniczny" journal- "Złoty Inżynier 2020" (tansl. “Golden Engineer 2020”). The winners of the 27th edition are the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology, Professor Arkadiusz Mężyk, Associate Professor Marek Roszak, and Jan Kania PhD, Eng.

The main aim of the "Złoty Inżynier" plebiscite organised by the "Przegląd Techniczny" is to honour the most distinguished engineering professionals who represent the areas related to science, technology, business and social activity. There were 23 people among the winners of this year's edition of the plebiscite.

The title of the “Diamentowy Inżynier 2020” (transl. “Diamond Engineer 2020”) was conferred upon the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology, Professor Arkadiusz Mężyk, the President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland. The award honours the activities conducted at the Silesian University of Technology. - Becoming one of the winners of the Readers' Choice Award of the "Przegląd Techniczny" is the expression of the recognition for my work and of your kindness, which I receive from you every day. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the readers and the editorial board, my co-workers and all the people for whom the Silesian University of Technology is of significant importance, who are interested in our research activities, technological progress and sustainable development - says Prof. Arkadiusz Mężyk.

In the “Przegląd Techniczny” journal, Prof. Arkadiusz Mężyk summarised the activities of the Silesian University of Technology, also during the pandemic, which had an  impact on the education methods. Due to the restrictions, some in-person classes were suspended and the education was continued online. - In terms of content, we are delivering education at the same level as before the pandemic. Online learning is currently dominating in higher education. It will also be used - although to a lesser extent - in the future - explained the Rector.

As Professor Arkadiusz Mężyk indicated in his statement for the "Przegląd Techniczny", education at the Silesian University of Technology responds to the challenges of the contemporary economy and industry, as well as modern technologies. - We watch the ongoing changes and we try to adjust and improve the system of education. We put great emphasis on interdisciplinarity and flexibility of the educational path. We do not neglect thorough practical preparation of graduates for their professional work, providing more practical study programmes, longer internships, apprenticeships in leading companies; also MBA and dual studies are implemented in close cooperation with partners from the industry.

The 27th edition of the competition fell on the jubilee of the 155th anniversary of the "Przegląd Techniczny". On this occasion, three titles of the "Golden Engineer of the 155th anniversary of the Przegląd Techniczny" were awarded. Among the winners there was also the Associate Professor Marek Roszak, President of the Polish ISO Forum. - Education is extremely important not only in the perspective of an individual, but the effect of a scale it brings to the society and economy. Teaching needs to meet many quality requirements, nowadays defined and verified by the Polish Accreditation Committee. These requirements must correspond with the conditions in which they are evaluated - explained to the readers of the "Przegląd Techniczny" Associate Professor Marek Roszak.

The winner of the "Silver Engineer 2020" in the category "Science" was Jan Kania PhD, Eng., a scientist from the Silesian University of Technology who in the journal emphasised the value of professional experience in working in a mine, passed on during lectures and scientific research. - The fact of being among such great people who meet the criteria and requirements of the highest professionalism and mining craft, who at the same time, constitute the greatest value of any plant or university, proved my belief that work in the mining industry combined with scientific activity is not only a profession for me, but a great passion in life, to which I devote myself completely," explained Jan Kania PhD, Eng..

The "Golden Engineer" plebiscite emphasises the importance of taking up challenges in the area of science and technology. Moreover, it popularizes activities conducted by the awarded winners and displays their value for individuals and institutions from the social and economic environment.

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