Author: Agnieszka Kliks-Pudlik     Published At: 09.08.2022

Registration for the international Falling Walls Lab competition is underway. Stages in Wrocław and Warsaw

3 minutes. That much time to present their innovative projects will have the participants of an international competition aimed at, among others, students and young scientists. Falling Walls Lab qualifiers take place all over the world. They will also take place in Wrocław and Warsaw.

Those willing to participate in the stage in Warsaw have only time to register until August 15th. Registration for the Wrocław stage lasts until September 6th.
Falling Walls is a reference to the Berlin Wall, which had to be destroyed to unite Germany. In reference to that historic event, every year Berlin looks for young people who have an unusual, revolutionary idea. Qualifiers are held all over the world.
Falling Walls Lab is a competition aimed at outstanding minds, people who have an idea for solving existing problems in the technology industry, economy, society or science. It is an international forum for the next generation of innovators, creators and visionaries at the beginning of their careers. Its aim is to promote unique ideas and enable establishing contacts with the most promising scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world and practically all areas of science. Participants get a chance to present the results of their research or business ideas to experts sitting on the jury and to the entire audience. They only have 3 minutes at their disposal!
The winners of each national Falling Walls Lab stage will travel to Berlin. The Wrocław stage will take place on September 26th at the University of Wrocław. One of the partners of this event is the Silesian University of Technology. More details at:
The Warsaw stage will take place on September 15th at the Warsaw University of Technology. Details on the website:
Finals will be held in Berlin between 7th and 9th of November.

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