Author: Jolanta Skwaradowska     Published At: 07.12.2021

Prime Minister's Award for a SUT scientist

Rafał Dojka PhD, Eng., has been conferred the Prime Minister's Award in the category of outstanding doctoral dissertation. The award is related to the thesis under the title: Investigation on the gating system: Reoxidation in the mould (thesis in the discipline: materials engineering).

Professor Jan Jezierski PhD, DSc is the supervisor of the awarded thesis. The award was granted for a significant knowledge enhancement in foundry optimisation, in particular for the gating system, which is very important for the whole process. The results of the work are patented, well disseminated abroad and implemented in Polish foundry companies.

- Application of the developed solutions enables to reduce the risk of casting defects and to improve mechanical properties of castings. The developed solutions can be applied to gravity casting of all types of alloys," explains Rafał Dojka PhD, Eng.

Since the beginning of his scientific activity, Rafał Dojka PhD, Eng. has been trying to implement his ideas in the industry. - The subject of my doctoral dissertation was inspired by real problems faced by foundries all over the world. Currently, I am the head of the research and development department in the RAFAMET Sp. z o. o. foundry. Here, together with the Department of Foundry Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology, we implement the project within the NCBR competition (NCBR - National Centre for Research and Development), adds Mr Dojka. 

Rafał Dojka PhD, Eng. would like to continue his scientific activity in the future, developing it with new implementations.

More information about the competition "Prime Minister’s Awards" can be found at

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