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Author: Jolanta Skwaradowska     Published At: 30.11.2022

Modern laboratories at the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering

Two modern laboratories for designing and testing vehicles have been opened at the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. The opening was combined with the jubilee of the 20th anniversary of the Faculty. The ceremony was attended by the University authorities, representatives of the City of Katowice as well as scientists, students, companies cooperating with the Faculty and invited guests.

Modern laboratories were opened on November 25th, 2022. The chassis dynamometer and the new technologies laboratory will be used to design, construct and test various types of vehicles. Their equipment will allow for the design and monitoring of vehicle operation in terms of safe use for humans and the environment.

- In these spaces, our scientists and students will work as part of student research clubs related to road transport, aviation or the construction of means of transport. Various types of projects will be implemented as well as traffic simulations in the city - said Vice-Rector for General Affairs prof. Bogusław Łazarz.

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The new laboratories will improve the quality of education and will also allow for the implementation of further PBL (Project-Based Learning) projects. - The Silesian University of Technology implements a modern education program through the implementation of research projects. So far, we have completed over 400 of them - added Vice-Rector for Infrastructure and Promotion, dr hab. Eng. Tomasz Trawiński, prof. of Silesian University of Technology

The investment was financed by the City Hall in Katowice. In total, in 2021-2022, the City of Katowice allocated PLN 4.5 million for investments at the Faculty. As part of this subsidy, the existing buildings of the faculty were modernized, and modern didactic and research laboratories were created: a chassis dynamometer laboratory, a laboratory for vibration diagnostics of means of transport, a laboratory for new technologies for student research clubs, a laboratory for railway traffic control systems (SRK), an avionics laboratory, a laboratory for logistics and a workshop of transport systems and traffic engineering.

Na zdjęciu widzimy fragment laboratorium, które oglądają kobieta i mężczyzna.

- Still this year and next year, more modern laboratories will be built, which will improve not only the quality of education, but also the quality of research conducted by employees of our faculty. It will be a modelling workshop, a modern composite materials workshop for transport, an open zone for student research clubs as well as a laboratory of the future of transport with traffic simulators - said the Dean of the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering, dr hab. Eng. Piotr Folęga, prof. of SUT.

Thanks to the simulators, the faculty will be able to analyse various types of transport solutions on an ongoing basis together with the city of Katowice. - The simulators will have very detailed maps of Katowice, thanks to which we will be able to analyse the difficulties that arise during renovations or communication changes on an ongoing basis. I hope that thanks to these analyses we will be able to improve the quality of moving around the city - added Dean Folęga.

Na zdjęciu widzimy dziekana Folęgę przewijającego na mównicy w auli

Renovation of rooms and new laboratories are not the end of investments of the City of Katowice related to the Silesian University of Technology. - In addition, we are also thinking about creating a micro-campus at the University, i.e. partial closure of Krasińskiego Street. We want to create a safe space for students, so that they can be seen not only in buildings, but also outside the walls - said the mayor of Katowice, Dr. Eng. Marcin Krupa. This project involves the creation of an arcade, a zone for students and residents on Krasińskiego Street in Katowice.

The opening of modern laboratories coincided with the 20th  anniversary of the Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering. - Today, our students have at their disposal modern equipment in almost every area of education at the faculty: aviation engineering, railways, automotive and logistics. What is also very important is the huge commitment of employees and openness to real problems in the economy - emphasized Jarosław Cichoń, chairman of the Social Council of the Faculty.

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The Faculty of Transport and Aviation Engineering was established in September 2002. Here you can study the following majors: transport, rail transport and aeronautical and space engineering. You can choose from a number of specializations related to road, rail and air transport as well as traffic engineering and logistics. Classes are conducted in modern research laboratories and teaching rooms. Education is supplemented by activity in student research clubs. Students develop their interests in them and achieve success. There are nine student research clubs at the faculty, which deal with i.a. construction of combustion and electric racing cars, drones and electromobility.

Na zdjęciu widzimy kilku studentów stojących przy jednym z prezentowanych pojazdów w laboratorium

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