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Author: Anna Świderska     Published At: 06.12.2023

Meeting of the Colleges of Vice-Rectors

A joint Conference of Vice-Rectors of two Colleges was held on November 29th - December 1st, 2023: the College of Vice-Rectors for General Affairs, Development and Contacts with the Socio-Economic Environment of public higher technical schools and the College of Vice-Rectors for Science and Development of public higher technical schools.

This time, the conference participants were hosted by the Warsaw University of Technology.

The meeting was attended by 33 representatives of university authorities from all over the country. The Silesian University of Technology was represented by: Vice-Rector for Cooperation with Civic and Economic Environment, prof. dr hab. Eng. Janusz Kotowicz, Vice-Rector for Science and Development prof. dr hab.Eng. Marek Pawelczyk, Vice-Rector for General Affairs prof. dr hab. Eng. Bogusław Łazarz.

Before the start of the discussion sessions, the participants were welcomed by the conference hosts, headed by the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology, prof. Krzysztof Zaremba and vice-rectors: prof. Adam Woźniak, prof. Mariusz Malinowski, prof. Adam Woźniak and prof. Mirosław Karpierz, as well as the president of both colleges, prof. dr Eng. Janusz Kotowicz and dr hab. engineer Adam Bajger prof. AMS.

The topics discussed during the conference concerned many challenges currently faced by Polish universities. The topic of the discussion session was:  Evaluation and childhood diseases of the Doctoral School, the next panel discussed the commercialization of science, where an attempt was made to draw conclusions from the university's previous experience in this area. The proceedings ended with a panel whose topic included the revolution related to artificial intelligence. The participants discussed the opportunities and challenges for the University.

It was agreed that the Silesian University of Technology will host the next conference of vice-rectors, which will take place in the first quarter of 2024.

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