Author: Jolanta Skwaradowska     Published At: 19.10.2021

Autumn edition of Santander scholarships

Once again, in cooperation with Santander Universidades, students, PhD students and employees of the Silesian University of Technology can take part in development projects. In the autumn edition of Santander scholarships you will be able to develop your digital, language and industry-specific competencies in marketing, economics or banking.

There is ongoing recruitment for:

Santander Universidades Academy online - a series of webinars on banking in its broadest sense, hosted by the top management of Santander Bank Polska S.A. The aim of the event is to share the knowledge of practitioners and to inspire career development and lifelong learning. The Academy will cover financial, economic, technological as well as leadership and personal development topics. The Academy is organized in cooperation with the Cracow University of Economics. You can apply until 31st of October  at:

Santander Conference Scholarship | VII All-Poland Session of Student Scientific Associations - is a 300-seat student scientific conference, during which young researchers can try their hand at presenting the results of their scientific work in front of a jury, make valuable friends and win valuable prizes. This event is open to both authors of scientific papers and free listeners. You can apply until 2nd of November at:

Santander Development Scholarship | Business in Practice - a series of webinars on using social media to drive small business marketing and personal branding. Well-known and respected experts in the world of social media will share their knowledge. You can apply until 11th of November at:

Santander Development Scholarship | Pre-Architektour 2021: Sustainable Urbanism - a development programme aimed at students of architecture, urbanism and spatial planning. It includes theoretical training and project preparation under the guidance of practitioners. Prepared projects will take part in a competition with prizes.  You can apply until 31st of October at:

Santander Tech Scholarship | Emerging Technologies Programme by MIT Professional Education - courses in innovative technology tools. Participants will be able to choose 1 of 5 courses: digital transformation, machine learning, solution design with MITdesignX, product design and technology management. The courses are taught in English, Spanish and Portuguese. You can apply until 10th of January 2022 at:

Santander Language Scholarship | English to Boost your Career- University of Pennsylvania - offers 1,000 scholarships for those wishing to develop business and specialist English language skills. As part of the programme, participants will choose one of three profiled courses: English for Professional Development, English for Business and Entrepreneurship, and English for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. You can apply until 23rd of November at:

Any further questions about the programmes should be sent to the following email address: or directly to the programme organisers' emails indicated at the links above. For more information visit


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