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The education offer of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering on the international educational market is full-time courses in Electrical Engineering taught in English:

Bachelor’s Degree Programme (1st cycle):
Graduates of the Electrical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Programme possess knowledge from the fields of electrical engineering, power engineering, automatics, robotics, analogue and digital electronics, exploitation of electric systems and programming languages. They have skills in design, construction and exploitation of power devices and systems, as well as safety engineering in various fields of modern industry. They have an ability to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions. They also gain basic knowledge of law for engineers, organization and economics of production and management. This course of study combines modern electrical engineering with selected issues of electronics, automatics, microprocessor technique and computer science, also taking into account the requirements of economy and management. Graduates of the electrical engineering major are prepared to carry out research, as well as perform design, engineering and organizational works by themselves. They can find jobs in scientific institutions. Currently, they belong to a group of the most sought after and well-paid specialists. Jobs in the energy sector and other sectors of the industry, in Polish and foreign companies, are waiting for them.

Master’s Degree Programme (2nd cycle):

Graduates of the Electrical Engineering Master’s Degree Programme are prepared for specialized and supervisory positions in a variety of work environments. They have technical knowledge and experience in modern practical technology as well as an ability to analyze, synthesize, and design engineering systems and devices. They can develop their skills in the following branches:

  • electricity generation, i.e. power engineering, electric power transmission, protection of power transmission, electric power distribution,
  • renewable energy generation, energy management in Smart Grid networks, energy storage, creation of new distributed power engineering,
  • industrial automation, electrical measurements, analogue and digital electronics, computer measuring systems,
  • robotics, industrial power electronics and energy conversion, electric drive control,
  • design, protection, diagnostics and operation of electrical machines and systems in the industry, diagnostics and operation of modern automotive systems, design and operation of hybrid and electric cars.

Full study offer, as well as all necessary information about the admission procedure can be found at the website: www.apply.polsl.pl

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering conducts studies in Polish language in:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science in Electronic Systems and Circuits
  • Power Engineering (Prosumer Engineering)
  • Mechatronics

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