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Inorganic Chemistry Group

Team conducts research on the use of membrane techniques in synthesis and chemical technology as well as in environmental protection. In particular, research is conducted on:

  • Use of electromembrane techniques to recover metals from waste streams from the galvanizing industry - concentration and treatment of electroplating wastewater
  • Use of electromembrane techniques in chemical synthesis and recycling, e.g. the synthesis of epoxides and (oligo) ethers from organochlorine compounds, in the desalination of aqueous-organic post-reaction mixtures, especially for the recovery of ionic liquids, glim solvents, polyhydroxy alcohols (glycerin, glycols, oligoglycerols, polyglycerols, polyglycerols) sugars)
  • Use of membrane techniques for the removal and recovery of boron compounds from industrial waste and natural waters
  • Removal and neutralization of inorganic pollutants (boron compounds, metal ions and non-metals) in water and sewage by sorption methods
  • Speciation analysis and heavy metal removal
  • Obtaining magnesium hydroxide
  • New design solutions for spacers in membrane modules
  • Laboratory pressure module for cross-flow membrane separation
  • The method of utilization of the return fluid from the hydraulic fracturing process
  • A new method to estimate the risk of membrane blockage
  • Production of demineralized water for supplementing the water-vapor cycle with electro-membrane methods
  • Removal of boron from aqueous solutions
  • Desalination and concentration of saline solutions in integrated and hybrid membrane and membrane-crystallization systems

Team consists of the following people:

  • prof. dr hab eng. Marian Turek
  • dr hab. eng. Piotr Dydo, prof. PŚ
  • dr hab. inż. Agata Jakóbik-Kolon, prof. PŚ
  • dr hab. inż. Joanna Kluczka, prof. PŚ
  • dr eng. Dorota Babilas
  • dr eng.Andrzej Milewski
  • dr eng.Krzysztof Mitko
  • msc. eng. Joanna Bok-Badura
  • msc. eng. Beata Sagan-Szendzielorz
  • msc. eng. Paweł Skóra

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