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POB5.T3 Digitization and applications of information technologies,

including processing of large data sets, cloud computing, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things

In the last few decades, dynamic development of information technologies has been observed, both in the field of hardware, software, and innovative application concepts. This led to the emergence of unprecedented possibilities of digital data processing representing the world around us. Today, almost every aspect of life is digitized, giving people the opportunity to use digital solutions, to simplify and accelerate their private and professional activities. This also applies to all activities carried out in production companies, making significant changes in line with the fourth industrial revolution.

Digitization is now a key element in the transformation of enterprises and in the way business and production processes are implemented. One can notice a great synergy in these processes in the context of IT concepts, related to the exponential increase in the number of data and computing power of the processing infrastructure, algorithmization based on new computing methods, machine learning,

processing of big data sets, inter-process communication networking, including communication between machines and industrial Internet of Things, the use of virtual and cloud environments, and cybersecurity issues. This offers enormous potential for the further development and interpenetration of the physical and digital worlds in order to create industrial converged and self-aware systems.

Employees of the Silesian University of Technology have been working in the field of industrial processes digitization since the 1960s. They participated in the development of all important concepts regarding the use of IT in industrial applications from the research and application side. They were active in the concept of the third industrial revolution and are currently working for the next, fourth. Currently, there are many projects and research works related to the use of digitization and information techniques in areas such as construction, acquisition and analysis of measurements, infrastructure design and production, diagnostics of processes and machines, cybersecurity of control systems and multicontextual cybersecurity, communication in industrial heterogeneous environments, and many other. This research is carried out by teams from various departments, often by interdisciplinary groups.


dr hab. inż. Piotr Gaj, prof. PŚ

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