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Author: Ewelina Domalik Published at: 25.01.2024 Last update: 25.01.2024

Become a Career Ambassador in the EU

If you are a student and would like to promote job opportunities in EU institutions at our university, take part in the "EU Careers" program for student ambassadors. The program is coordinated by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and, on behalf of the university, by the Student Careers Office. As part of the program you will have the opportunity to:

- get detailed information about working in the EU institutions and disseminate it to students

- establish cooperation with people from all over Europe

- gain professional experience while still studying

- take part in preparatory training and throughout the duration of the program

- acquire competences that will make your CV more attractive to potential employers.


We are looking for open-minded and easy-to-establish contacts people who will enthusiastically promote a career in the EU institutions at our university. Program details; https://eu-careers.europa.eu/en/eu-careers/eu_careers_student_ambassadors


Those interested in participating can register by March 5 at kariera@polsl.pl. Please send two CVs according to the Europass template (in Polish and English) and a short justification written by the candidate - why he decided to act as an ambassador.


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