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Author: Grzegorz Sierpiński Published at: 05.12.2022 Last update: 05.12.2022

3rd conference of young researchers within POB4

We invite you to participate in the 3rd conference of young scientists related to Priority Research Area 4: Smart Cities and Future Mobility (POB4).

Among the speakers are young scientists (PhD students and assistant professors), as well as members of student scientific circles.

The conference will take place on 7 December 2022 by using the Zoom platform.

It will start at 1 p.m. Conference will be divided into three sessions and will held in Polish. 

The conference programme is available in the Materials section.

The aim of the internal conferences is to integrate the academic community related to the area of POB4. It is also a support in building interdisciplinary research teams, so essential within e.g. Horizon Europe.

In order to obtain a link to the Zoom platform to participate in the conference, please send your participation request by email to grzegorz.sierpinski@polsl.pl no later than 6 December 2022.



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