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Author: Anna Świderska     Published At: 06.12.2023

Global Capstone Design – international workshops

International PBL workshops were held at the Silesian University of Technology, carried out in cooperation with Sun Moon University from South Korea and the VSB Technical University in Ostrava.

The workshops were the culmination of jointly implemented PBL projects and their topics concerned various aspects related to future mobility. 110 students of various nationalities took part. In addition to students from Poland, South Korea and the Czech Republic, foreign students from these universities also took part in the workshops.

In addition to active participation in the workshops, students also visited the LG Energy Solutions factory and three Polish car parts manufacturers in order to become better acquainted with the automotive industry.

The implemented projects and developed prototypes took part in the competition, and the jury selected the winners.

The distinction (Grand Prize) was awarded to the team working under the supervision of dr Damian Grzechca and Krzysztof Paszek from our faculty RAU (Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science) and prof. KyoungSoon LEE from Sun Moon University, with the following international lineup: WanHae Jeon, MyungJin Jung, HyunSeok Oh, HyoSeok Im, Pavel Čelovský, Mikołaj Mazurkiewicz, Kajetan Hulbój, Dominik Pindych, Krzysztof Witek). This team developed and presented an intelligent parking system for cars.

Two Golden Prizes were awarded for the design of a keyboard equipped with artificial intelligence and for a mobile device that recognizes stairs and roads. Additionally, three teams won silver (Silver Prize) and four won bronze (Bronze Prize).

Professor KyoungSoon LEE from Sun Moon University concluded: “This global project was a great success with great students and faculty researchers. Thanks to the competition, we will continue to develop the model of technology transfer and dissemination of practical solutions”.

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