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Author: Katarzyna Siwczyk     Published At: 19.02.2024
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A Week of Humour in the European City of Science Katowice 2024

We are starting another of the 50 Weeks of Science in the European City of Science Katowice 2024. Ahead of us is the Week of Humour, full of smiles and attractive events.

The ability to create and perceive humour is sometimes indicated as one of the properties that distinguish humans from other creatures inhabiting the Earth, and shared laughter is one of the most important mechanisms for building social bonds. During the Week of Humour, scientists from universities belonging to the EMNK (European City of Science Katowice) consortium will show what science has to say about humour, laughter and smiling, and that humour itself is both a topic and a driving force of interesting scientific research. This research is conducted from very different perspectives, which you will be able to see for yourself by participating in the events prepared by the organizers.

There are many suggestions in the Humour Week program. These are classes and lectures for residents of various age groups. Topics include:

  • Not serious science? The Ig Nobel Prize and its winners. Presentation of the famous award, conversation about its winners and a meeting with one of them.
  • Humour in Polish - a classic of Polish comedy. A screening of a classic Polish comedy film combined with a lecture on the film in question, the context of its creation and its importance for Polish culture.
  • Comedy on demand - about the behind-the-scenes of improvised humour.

The schedule of the Humour Week can be found at:



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