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International Staff Training Week

Keynote Guest Speakers

Alastair Creelman
is an e-learning specialist at the unit for Higher Education Development at Linnaeus University, Sweden. He is an EDEN Fellow (European Distance and E-learning Network) and has been involved in numerous national and international projects in fields such as open education, distance learning in rural areas, MOOCs and virtual mobility. He writes regularly on educational technology on his blog The corridor of uncertainty.
Małgorzata (Gosia) Kurek 
is a researcher and lecturer at Institute of Foreign Languages, Jan Dlugosz University, Czestochowa, Poland. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics and works as an Assistant Professor and TEFL trainer long involved in academic-level Virtual Exchange. Her principal research areas address the issues of CALL, digital literacy, teacher education and task design for CALL and VE. She has been involved in several VE projects focusing on the development of linguistic, digital and pedagogical competences. She is the First Training Officer for Unicollaboration and a co-designer of several VE training programmes. She is currently involved in EVOLVE project supporting the mainstreaming of VE. She has published and presented internationally on the subject of VE.
Corina Löwe
is an assistant professor in German Language and Literature at the Language Department of the Linnaeus University, Sweden. Between 2015-2017, she was head of the Global Classroom project. Together with Alastair Creelman she is currently working on the Erasmus+ project Moonlite, which aims to promote academic education with MOOCs. Corina Löwe has a vast experience in online teaching and Internationalisation at Home. As Vice-Head of the Department of Languages and Head of the German Department she is also interested in development projects regarding language teaching.
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